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The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals - Azalea Lee 2020

Crystal Index

The following are metaphysical properties for the stones recommended for exercise 5. They are abbreviated summaries written from my own experience of working with these crystals and are meant to be used as broad guidelines for understanding their properties. The descriptions have been purposely written in a generalized and unspecific way in order to allow space for your experiences in the exercise to connect with the information presented here. If you wish to find more detailed information, you may elect to look at other perspectives written in crystal reference guides or internet resources. However, keep in mind that some descriptions are so vague that they won’t say anything of significance or, when compared, will be widely disparate or even contradictory to one another. These are the descriptions to be avoided. Other authors will have clear and relatable descriptions that will touch and deeply resonate with you. You can learn more about how to figure out what information will be most helpful to you in the essay “Determining the Authenticity of a Crystal’s Metaphysical Description”.

Please note that because of physical variances of minerals mined from different locations, your crystals may not look exactly like the ones shown in the following photos, but as long as your crystals have been correctly identified, they will have the same metaphysical properties as the descriptions indicate.

The crystals have been organized by color, starting from the crown chakra and ending with the root chakra.


Associated with yin energies including softness and femininity. It is a stone for pausing to be in the moment: for receiving energies or being in energies, rather than being in the process of an activity or a pursuit.


Connection to the energy of pure white spiritual light. This energy includes connection to your highest self and its connection to the highest spiritual wisdom. Associated with claircognizance. Also, the continual energy of cleansing and purification through white light.


Amethyst is a gentle gateway into the spiritual worlds. It resonates with the subtle layer that borders the physical and ethereal dimensions. It makes spiritual energies more pronounced and tangible. It is also used to better understand new spiritual concepts or deepen knowledge of them.


Used to balance the energies of the mind, especially overactive ones. Ex­­tremely useful for anxiousness, as it tempers any tendency for the mind to split hairs and follow thoughts ad infinitum. Because it turns down the volume of the mind, it helps one to more clearly connect to the heart, emotions, and physical body and their respective wisdom.


A stone to stay true to your life’s purpose. To help you make decisions that are aligned with your truest desires and dreams. Especially resonant with work and career. To support perseverance in discouraging times.


A stone to help boost communication and put information that is spiritual or emotional into verbal or other more tangible forms. Creates connections between the throat chakra and chakras above and below it. Helps to surface energetic information in a way that allows you to become conscious of it, as well as those you need to communicate with.


Connection to angels, transitioned souls, or spirit guides close to you. Helps connect one to transmitted information or messages from your loved ones in the spiritual realms. Intuitive information conveyed through physical sensations, kinesthetic movement, or sensate-based memories.


To assist communication flowing to and from you. Especially helpful when you are searching for the right words or the right way to begin what you want to say.


“Cooling” energy helpful for toning down and softening anger or frustration. Takes the “edge” off of emotional communications, making them less sharp and pointed. Helps one to perceive the underbelly of situations and things. Associated with the water element.


Inner child healing. Experiences and memories during childhood and youth needing to be healed. Often related to the most painful and tender wounds of childhood. A stone to support the strength that comes from healing these wounds.


Understanding the importance of vulnerability when it comes to love. The relationship between vulnerability and connection with others. The value of openness and trust. Recollection of memories, some possibly long buried, of experiences related to being unexpectedly hurt. To allow negatively created emotional and psychic shields to come down so you may be healed.


Gentle examination of emotions in a compassionate and accepting way. To separate and sort out jumbled emotions and feelings into categories so that their context can be understood. The illumination of one’s feelings in a soft way.


The stone of verbal integrity. Meaning what you say and saying what you mean. On a deeper level, it highlights any incongruity between your thoughts and actions. Thus, it focuses on any flakiness in your behavior and its consequences in your life. Also, the importance of integrity in relationship to your spirituality.


See chapter 4, “The Essential Three.”


A stone helpful for those who always take care of others first and avoid taking care of themselves. To understand why one puts others before oneself. To support the establishment of an expression of love that is circulated in a balanced and healthy way. Particularly resonant with mothers and children seeking social acceptance.


A stone to reveal and release suppressed emotions, often buried deeply. To be aware of the contours of what one is feeling. To understand the true source of why one feels the way one does. Especially resonant with males or others who have been conditioned to rationalize or ignore their feelings.


For confidence and self-esteem. The ability to recognize one’s contributions. The impetus to voice one’s individuality and the determination to show it to the world. To feel wholly comfortable in taking up space to share one’s personality with others.


Supports the physical manifestation of goals. Helps turn ideas into objects of concrete, tangible form. Assists with getting tasks completed.


Helps one understand one’s desires and motivations in relation to one’s ambitions; how this desire relates to one’s life’s purpose; and that the path to one’s dreams is a meandering one, with many directional changes that create the experience needed to fulfill one’s goals.


A stone to boost courage and strength. To enhance determination and fortitude. Especially resonant with honoring the needs and wants of the physical body.


Brings additional light and energy into the physical body. Very supportive for those experiencing any kind of physical illness or duress that weakens the body. More deeply connects the soul to its physical existence. Helps to bring spiritual understanding of the experience of physical life.


Supports you in cutting out what you no longer need in your life in a sharp and precise way. Can include things you may or may not be aware of. The removal of energy in an almost abrupt way, like quickly tearing off a bandage rather than slowly peeling it off to lessen the pain of removal.


See chapter 4, “The Essential Three.”


See chapter 4, “The Essential Three.”