The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals - Azalea Lee 2020


Crystals, Metaphysical Workshops, and Healing Sessions


Place 8 Healing originally opened as a studio for my crystal healing practice but has since expanded to become a metaphysically based healing and wellness space with the purpose of vetting only the most heart-centered healers of integrity to share their wisdom and healing. Information on the retail shop, workshops, and events and the various healing modalities available at our Los Angeles space can be found on our website. Place 8 Healing also carries crystals for sale online, including the crystal set used for the exercises in this book, as well as a selection of fine metaphysical crystals and stones hand-picked by me for their metaphysical vibrancy and potency.

Crystal Healing Training


Founded by Katrina Raphaell, this is the crystal healing school I trained in. If you are interested in learning about crystal healing to heal others, her school teaches the advanced techniques of laying stones. Courses available worldwide and online.


A crystal healing school led by Naisha Ahsian. She teaches techniques and approaches to the crystals that are different from those taught by my teacher at the Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts. Though I am not familiar with the specifics of what she teaches, I deeply respect her written work, as through her writings she expresses her deep connection, integrity, and commitment to the crystals.

Crystal Meditations


This free meditation app is available on Apple and Android and includes thousands of different meditations from various teachers. Crystal meditations led by me can be found on this app under my name.

Fee Mining Locations


If you are interested in digging for gems and minerals, this webpage (from a site focused on the lapidary art of rock tumbling) lists various fee mining sites, mainly in the United States.

Gemstone Toxicity Information


Unfortunately, there isn’t a comprehensive listing of minerals and their toxicity when used in gem elixirs, but information can be gleaned from other mineral-based disciplines like that of gemstone cutting. This webpage lists the toxicity of various gemstone materials, though it does not explicitly specify if the toxicity is the result of normal handling, physical cutting of the material, or ingestion. For gem elixirs, pay the most attention to any entries that mention hazards with ingestion, solubility, or any other reaction to liquids.

Metaphysical Jewelry


The project that started my journey toward becoming a crystal healer, As Above So Below is a metaphysical fine jewelry line made in accordance with fair-trade, ecological, and ethical principles. All pieces are intentionally designed with my understanding and experience as a crystal healer to support the wearer’s healing.

Mineral Information


This site is the ultimate resource for mineralogical information online. This nonprofit organization’s mission is to advance the world’s understanding of minerals by providing a comprehensive database of information about minerals and their localities, along with specimen photos. Information is uploaded all over the world by volunteers and then verified by geological experts. It’s my go-to site for scientific information about the geological properties of individual minerals.

Rock and Mineral Club Listings

THE-VUG.COM is the self-described “home for all things mineralogical online.” Their website has the most comprehensive listing of rock and mineral clubs in the United States, sorted by region and by state, along with a listing of a few international organizations.

Rock and Mineral Show Listings


Many rock and mineral shows are sponsored by local clubs who bring in outside dealers to sell minerals and mineral-related goods. This site has an exhaustive listing of open-to-the-public shows, which can be sorted by state and date.


Xpo Press is known for being the publisher of the printed show guides for all major gem shows in the United States. Their webpage also lists a calendar of gem, mineral, fossil, and jewelry shows outside of the United States.