The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals - Azalea Lee 2020


A shaman’s job is to safely guide a person through alternate realities, to lead them through myriad unfamiliar and sometimes treacherous psychic adventures, and to assist people in their goals of self-fulfillment. Bridget Monroe Itkin, thank you for being my publishing shaman, adeptly guiding me through what was, for me, the strange, alien world of bookmaking. This book would not have been everything it was meant to be without your deft skill navigating me and this book through it all.

To the rest of the team at Artisan Books: Lia Ronnen, Carson Lombardi, Nina Simoneaux, Michelle Ishay Cohen, Jennifer K. Beal Davis, Nancy Murray, Allison McGeehon, Theresa Collier, and Amy Michelson. How wonderful it has been to work with such a group of strong and powerful women. Every step of the way, each one of you has shown me your dedication to excellence and your commitment to producing the best book possible, and the results show.

To my agent, Meg Thompson: Thank you for understanding what this book was meant to be, and for always having my back.

Rock Currier: “Agates? You like agates???” you facetiously sneered as you pretended to look down your nose. In your sly jest you showed me that you were not one of those high-end mineral snobs, but a true lover of rocks. We all sorely miss your physical presence, but I hope to help keep the memory of you alive through some of the beloved minerals that were in your collection that are now presented in this book. May your contributions to mineral knowledge and your infamous humor and mirth be never forgotten.

Alfredo Petrov: I hope this acknowledgment doesn’t ding your street cred with your fellow geologists. Thank you for always explaining all my geological questions and never treating me as a lesser just because I’m one of those “healy-feelies.” I have always appreciated your passion and joviality (as well as all the hints on where to get the good finds).

To Kristin Pinnow, Rosie Pineda, and Linlee Allen: Place 8 Healing would not have been without your help. Each one of you has played an important role in helping me develop and grow the space that created the foundation for this book. And to the clients, supporters, and friends of Place 8 Healing: Thank you for loving the crystals and being true seekers of love and healing.

The photos of the crystals would not have been as beautiful had it not been for the production help of Dennis Middleton, Ako Castuera, Rob Sato, Beth Katz, Junzo Mori, and the help from the team at Samy’s Camera Pasadena including Juan Gonzales, Jason Lyman, and Andy Sanchez. And thank you to Miles Wintner for creating the illustrations for this book, Amir C. Akhavan for allowing us to adapt your drawing of the quartz structure, and Yudi Ela for the photograph that exquisitely captured the beauty of a crystal healing session.

To Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz: For being such great teachers of Mother Earth’s plant beings and for being such role models of dedication and integrity in teaching the energetic arts.

To my crystal sisters Antoinette Aurell, Tedra Baymiller, and Tara Hofmann: I am so thankful that our journey to become crystalline healers happened together. I am forever thankful for our companionship and support of each other. And to Katrina Raphaell for being our teacher and initiating our understanding and awareness of the crystalline worlds.

To the catalysts on my journey to my purpose, Christina Chungtech and Jean Noel-Soni: Thank you for being important players in helping me discover my life’s purpose.

To all my awesome friends for their continued love and support. I love you guys.

Thank you to my plants and animal family, with special regard to my desk kitties who while I was in the convolutions of writing constantly reminded me about taking in the pleasures of now.

To Mother Earth, for giving us a place to live and providing us with all the materials we need to become self-fulfilled. Thank you for sharing your crystal beings to teach us and being so patient and loving of us silly humans.

To my mentor, Marsha Utain: There are no words to adequately express my gratitude for your guidance and help. What I have been able to become is because of you. Thank you.

And last but definitely not least, to my husband, Marc Brown: I never expected to find a life partner, but I now realize why the Universe put us together. None of my work with the crystals could have happened without your love and support. And though I am the author of this book, you are as much responsible for getting the information out about the crystals as I am. Thank you for always being my rock. I love you.

AZALEA LEE is a crystal healer and founder of the Los Angeles—based spiritual wellness space Place 8 Healing, where she specializes in private crystal healing sessions, crystal workshops, and flower essences. She has been featured in publications such as T: The New York Times Style Magazine, In Style, W, Autre,, Porter, Byrdie, the Zoe Report, the Financial Times, Town & Country, and Dazed Digital. Lee is also the designer of the metaphysical jewelry line As Above So Below.