How Crystal Healing Works

The Crystal Workshop: A Journey into the Healing Power of Crystals - Azalea Lee 2020

How Crystal Healing Works

IMAGINE HOLDING TWO TUNING FORKS of the exact same pitch. Striking one fork will make it sound—but the untouched fork will begin to vibrate and ring too. In physics this is known as sympathetic resonance: when a passive object responds to external vibrations that are harmonically alike. The same principle is at work when an opera singer breaks a champagne glass using her voice. By singing at a pitch matching the frequency of the glass, the singer causes the molecules in the glass to vibrate so powerfully they tear apart, causing the glass to shatter.

Science has proven that light, color, X-rays, and radio waves are all vibrations—even objects that are perceived to be solid are made of vibrating atoms. Since you are also made of atoms, you vibrate as well, but you can break down your vibrations into different parts. Your heart will have its own vibration. Your brain will have its own vibration. Your kidneys, spleen, and bones will have their own vibrations too. And together, your whole body will vibrate in a collective symphony that is unique to you.

However, your physical body is only part of your symphony. There are other parts of you vibrating as well. Of major influence on your overall vibration are those of your thoughts and feelings . . . and some of your thoughts and feelings may be out of whack. There could be negative thoughts running through your head or unresolved emotions from times when you had your feelings hurt. Perhaps you have gone through a traumatic event that has deeply affected your life, or you feel continued grief about something that has happened to you. Situations like these can cause notes—perhaps even whole instruments—in your symphony to go off-key. Over time you will hear your song played off-key so often that this distorted version will begin to sound normal to you. You will find ways to adjust your life to make your song workable, but you won’t be able to shake the vague, nagging hunch that something isn’t quite right. But because it will have been so long since you’ve heard your song played in tune, you will have forgotten what your song was originally supposed to sound like.

This is where the crystals can help: While you are a complex symphony of shifting vibrations, crystals have simplified energies. Each crystal emanates a single and specific vibrational tone. You can therefore use their vibrational tones to align an out-of-key vibration. As long as you open yourself up and accept working with a crystal, bringing it into your energy field allows it to act as a reference tone for your energies to align with. Your subtle bodies will be able to hear what the note was supposed to sound like and can use the crystal’s vibration to retune yourself, allowing your song to be played as it was originally intended. And because the corrected vibration is more harmonized and more aligned with your true self, it results in you feeling better. Your personal symphony can then become more balanced and in tune, allowing your soul to vibrate with more clarity its deepest truth and unique beauty.

In other words, crystals act as tuning forks for your soul.


Crystals Are Tectonic

The various kinds of energy healing are like basketball, bowling, water polo, and tennis. Though they are all sports, and sports that use balls, the differences between them are vast. It’s the same with energy healing.

The more well-known modalities of energy healing are usually defined by the way vibrational energy is directed: Acupuncture utilizes needles to direct energy through a body’s energy meridians, Reiki uses a specific “bandwidth” of healing energy channeled through the practitioner’s hands, and homeopathy uses vibrational patterns that have been transferred and embedded into a physical substance like water or sugar pills. Other modalities are nonspecific with regard to the techniques and tools used but are characterized by the specific area they target, like aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and past life therapy. Then there are modalities categorized together because of their broader similarities, like shamanism, where many different techniques are utilized depending on which cultural lineage the shaman comes from. And these examples are only a few of the hundreds of different kinds of energy healing that are available to you.

Each modality differs in the way it interacts with your energetic bodies and how you experience the healing. Some modalities will make you so relaxed that you fall asleep, while others keep you awake and alert. Some will primarily be felt as physical sensations, while others are visionary experiences that transport you to other worlds. Some modalities are gentle, soft, and soothing, while others are intense and cathartic. The combination of these varying degrees of tools, techniques, and sensory experiences results in each modality having its own distinct energetic texture. Though these healing modalities are practiced in different ways, they still aim for the same goal—to move you closer to becoming a fully healed spiritual being. Crystal healing’s distinction from other modalities is that the primary tools used in the work are crystals—Mother Earth’s energy contained in material form.

Crystals are often popularized as a type of energetic “pill” to treat a specific “symptom” and as some sort of attractant (or repellent) for their circumstances in life. But this oversimplified view does not allow them to be used to their full energetic potential. More often than not, the deep and intense healing energy of the crystals remains untapped because of the superficial way crystals are popularly perceived to work.

Crystals are tectonic. Because the healing energy in crystals texturally parallels the same energies used by Mother Earth to create them, using crystals is not a mild way to heal. If she wishes, Mother Earth can dramatically transform her body’s landscapes through fierce movements: Pushing, pulling, subjugating, crashing, shaking, liquefying, and exploding are just some of the forces she uses to manipulate and change her body. She shifts large masses of land through the movement of her plates while compressing and melting stones with her awesome power as she sees fit. Mother Earth’s energy is forceful and powerful, and this energy of hers is intrinsically placed within the crystals. Though certain crystals will have energy that is relatively gentle and soothing, on the whole, crystalline energy is intense.

The geological definition of a crystal is a solid material whose atomic components are arranged in a highly ordered and repeating pattern. This pattern is known as a crystal lattice. Much like a skeletal framework built with a kid’s Tinkertoy construction set, it can be added upon by building both upward and outward, following the pattern begun by the foundational shape. At a certain point, you are able to see a distinct shape made of planes and faces. This cumulative structure is what we see as a crystal.

But this growing and building energy has been overemphasized in the popular understanding of crystals and their healing benefits. Most metaphysical descriptions of crystals focus on the “creating” side of crystalline energy and talk about what attributes—material, spiritual, or emotional—can be brought into and built upon a person’s life. For example, you often find metaphysical descriptions that follow the formula “[Insert type of crystal here] brings [insert desired result]” (for example, “Citrine brings good luck!” or “Rose quartz brings true love!”). But this fixation on individual crystals only for their building energies causes people to miss how important the destructive aspect of crystalline energy is.

If you wanted to be fresh and clean, you could put on some clean clothes. But if you were caked in mud, it would be better to take a shower and wash away the grime prior to putting on a freshly washed outfit. In the same way, the popular attitude with crystals is to put energy on top of a situation rather than resolving the underlying issue first. This is why people will have mediocre results working with crystals. If the underlying energies are not resolved, the outcome will be self-defeating. Mother Earth uses cataclysmic energies to transform herself, so you must be willing to interact with the more ferocious aspects of crystalline energy in order to reap its full rewards. But because you are a child made from Mother Earth’s body, you are already inherently able to handle all her energies, including any of her energies of destruction.

The process can be intense, but when you allow crystals to tectonically shift your energy, it clears space for new patterns of energy to thrive. The patterns that once undermined you are now recycled and transmuted into energy for building. Just as you might take a Mr. Potato Head toy with its eyes misplaced on its ass and put its parts back in the right places, the destroying and recycling energies of the crystals rearrange your parts so that your soul’s flow of energy can be maximized. Your “eyes” can then be placed squarely on your face, looking forward into life, instead of upside down and behind it. The cumulative effect of repositioned energies causes a major shift in perspective. This changes how you look at everything in life, allowing you to see new avenues of opportunity where you had only seen “crap” before.

After giving crystal healing sessions, two words I hear most in feedback are clarity and healing. Clients remark how their session has made them see their lives much more clearly. They have allowed the crystals to recalibrate their energies, resulting in a perspective more aligned with their soul’s truth, and this causes them to live with more conscientiousness and purpose. Being true to themselves causes them to love themselves more. Without realizing, they begin to interact with others differently, and, in turn, others can’t help but treat them differently too. Because a single person changes the central point from which they operate, a cascade of energy occurs that reverberates to everyone they meet.

Crystalline energy is frank and no-nonsense, profound and cathartic, which is why it is so deeply healing. Like the energy of Mother Earth who births them, crystals are full of tough love. But it’s a love that cuts to your core in order to help you become the happiest and most fulfilled you can be.

This book will teach you to work with crystalline energy in a conscientious way so that you can use its fierce and powerful energy at a pace and intensity that works best for you. It may not be as dramatic as what you would experience in a guided crystal healing session, but as long as you are willing to work with crystal energies, what you discover can be so powerful that it can profoundly change your life.

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