WTF? - Enchantment

Big magic: creative living beyond fear - Elizabeth Gilbert 2015


That is not a genre, people!

That story line is not a Scandinavian murder mystery, or a vampire romance. That is an extremely specific story line. You cannot just go to the bookstore and ask the salesclerk to direct you to the section devoted to books about middle-aged Minnesota spinsters in love with their married bosses who get sent down to the Amazon jungle to find missing people and save doomed projects.

That is not a thing!

Admittedly, when we broke it all down to finer details, there were some differences. My novel took place in the 1960s, while Ann’s was contemporary. My book had been about the highway construction business, while hers was about the pharmaceutical industry. But other than that? They were the same book.

As you might imagine, it took Ann and me a while to recover our composure after this revelation. Then—like pregnant women eager to recall the exact moment of conception—we each counted backward on our fingers, trying to determine when I had lost the idea and when she had found it.

Turns out, those events had occurred around the same time.

In fact, we think the idea might have been officially transmitted on the day we met.

In fact, we think it was exchanged in the kiss.

And that, my friends, is Big Magic.