Contributors to The Celestia Study

Cave and Cosmos: Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality - Michael Harner 2013

Contributors to The Celestia Study

Rob Ashby

Scott Balderson

Darla Barclay (deceased)

Katia Bask

Datch Baudisch

Bill Brunton

Sandra Bundy

Mujiba Cabugos

Sally Cantrell

Nancy Dunn

Ken Emerson

Amanda Foulger

Nicolina Halvorson (often referred to as “NH” in this book)

Carroll Herkimer

Marcia Herman

Terry Jackson

Lora Jansson

Bradford Keeney, PhD

Sharon Kehoe

Irene Lo

Julia Meridith

Joana Morris

Jim Nourse

Ozmo Piedmont

E. Pierson

Diane Polasky

Catherine Rose

Kim Roseland

Pamela Sampel

Karrie Sawyer

Tom Snell

Robbie Staufer

Kappy Strahan

Carol Faulkner Swim

Roger Keith Swim

and several anonymous UMR contributors

Note: After an extensive search, not all contributors could be located for written permission. If a contributor has been overlooked or wishes to request a change in his or her listing, please contact the executive director of FSS at Any updates to the contributor list will be made in the next printing of the book.