The Power of Vision: Apophyllite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Vision: Apophyllite

Chakra correspondences: Third eye, soma, crown, soul star, stellar gateway, heart, heart seed

Physiological correspondences: Eyes, skin, respiratory system, mucus membranes

Vibration: High to very high


Apophyllite brings illumination and clarity to any situation, material or spiritual. The perfect crystal for self-attunement, Apophyllite is a combination of three minerals that stimulate the pineal gland and open inner sight. Traditionally used for enhancing metaphysical abilities, such as clairvoyance and telepathy, Apophyllite pyramids and mirrors make excellent scrying tools when looked into obliquely from the corner of the eye rather than directly. Place an Apophyllite pyramid on your third eye to facilitate mental clarity, calm your mind, and remove confusion. It also helps you develop channeling or kything abilities.

When positioned on the soma chakra, Apophyllite stimulates safe out-of-body journeying, keeping the connection between the physical and subtle bodies strong. Placed on the third eye or past life chakra, Apophyllite lets you read the Akashic Record, the cosmic account of all that has been and will occur. It can take you back into the past for karmic healing or into the future to assess the outcome of the choices you make now. This crystal promotes total honesty and harmony with the people around you.


Apophyllite works best at a subtle level to heal the spirit and help your soul come to terms with being incarnated. With the assistance of Apophyllite, you learn to pay attention to the needs of your physical body and your soul, preventing psychosomatic and soul-based illnesses from taking root. In its pyramid form, Apophyllite focuses healing energy into a beam that can break up energetic blockages, draw off negative energy, and replace them with healing light.

Placed on the chest, Apophyllite may relieve asthma attacks caused by allergies. Due to its high water content, the crystal energetically rehydrates mucus membranes in your respiratory tract and eyes. Apophyllite enhances the flow of Reiki energy and helps healers act as pure channels for the energy, keeping the healer’s personal energy separate. Apophyllite also makes you feel more energetically receptive to Reiki energy, inducing deep relaxation and trust in the process.


If you have been afraid to look into the deeper causes of your behavior and motivation, meditating with Apophyllite brings the truth gently to the surface so that imbalances can be rectified and karma transmuted to restore harmony to your soul. You can re-charge other crystals with the pyramid form or an Apophyllite cluster.



If you are on a spiritual path, meditating with Apophyllite on your third eye promotes inner vision, guidance from the highest level, and total self-awareness.