The Power of Synthesis: Zincite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Synthesis: Zincite

Chakra correspondences: Base and sacral, others according to color

Physiological correspondences: Kidneys, skin, hair, prostate gland, heart, fallopian tubes, assimilation, hormonal balance, cellular processes, energy meridians, and immune and electrical systems

Vibration: Medium to high


Natural Zincite is rare. Most Zincite is formed by an alchemical sublimate crystallizing inside the fiery chimneys of smelting plants. Even natural Zincite was formed by metamorphosis: a change of structure. A powerful metaphor for physical and spiritual transmutation, Zincite is a potent healing tool valued for its range of colors and energetic frequencies.

Zincite is beneficial if you are a kinesthetic (body-feeling) person who wants to be more in tune with your gut instincts. A great deal of intuition shows itself through bodily signals; wearing Zincite alerts you to these and helps you interpret them correctly.

Use this crystal to remove hypnotic commands instilled by other people and to disconnect undue mental influences that unconsciously control your behavior. It draws together like-minded people as a support group. Red Zincite is particularly helpful for boosting the manifestation process—program it to bring you abundance and prosperity. All Zincite acts as a first aid remedy for shock or trauma.


As suggested by the name, Zincite contains zinc, essential for cellular metabolism, teeth, bones, skin, and hair. Zinc is necessary for prostate functioning, and Zincite energetically assists the body in metabolizing and assimilating nutrients, supporting the prostate as well as muscles and joints. Red Zincite strengthens energy meridians and the immune system, overcoming energetic depletion. It also eases depression and seasonal affective disorder. Yellow Zincite energetically heals bladder and kidney infections. Because the crystal may rebalance the hormonal system, it is useful for menopause and PMS. It is worth experimenting with the different colors to assess which stone is most appropriate at any particular time, as hormone levels can fluctuate.

Zincite’s healing power works according to its color: Red energizes, restructures, and stabilizes; Yellow and Green rebalances and calms. Zincite anchors the subtle and lightbodies into the physical body. It also draws out toxic energy or underlying thought patterns that can create dis-ease.

Meditating with Zincite can reveal the causes of phobias and assist in reprogramming your mind. It is an excellent stone for tapping the meridians in energy-based techniques such as EFT and NLP as it anchors the changing energy into the physical body.


A potent transmutor of energy, Zincite detoxifies and synthesizes body, psyche, and soul. By reminding your soul of its purpose in incarnating, it helps you find your inner strength and manifest your creativity.



Placed over the base or sacral chakra, Zincite synthesizes personal power and creativity, empowering regeneration and manifestation on every level.