The Power of Hope: Aquamarine

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Hope: Aquamarine

Chakra correspondences: Throat, third eye; cleanses and aligns all chakras

Physiological correspondences: Jaw, eyes, liver, throat, thyroid and pituitary glands, hormonal production, growth processes, immune system

Vibration: High


Described in antiquity as “a thousand leagues of sunlit sea imprisoned in a cup,” Aquamarine’s color and strength come from iron. The name means “water of the sea.” According to Greek myth, Aquamarine washed ashore after spilling from the jewel casket of the Sirens, legendary seductresses who lured sailors onto the rocks so they could have their way with them. This may be why sailors wore the stone as amulets against sea monsters and to ensure safe voyages. In Roman mythology, Aquamarine was sacred to Neptune, god of the sea.

Aquamarine is a crystal of spiritual vision; it calms your mind, enabling you to reach a high state of awareness. Translucent Aquamarine was used for magic mirrors during the Middle Ages, and seers suspended an Aquamarine ring over a bowl around which the letters of the alphabet were arranged. The ring swung in a manner similar to using a pendulum to spell out answers. Christians at that time believed Aquamarines cleansed their sins.

Gem-quality Aquamarine is found above fourteen thousand feet (4.3 km) on Mount Antero in the Rocky Mountains. Twentieth-century writers Chadbourne and Wright comment that only the hardiest souls venture onto the rugged slopes of this temperamental mountain, known for its tempestuous winds, ice storms, and bitter temperatures—a fitting metaphor for a stone believed to summon the spirits of light to counteract the forces of darkness and assist the soul on its journey to enlightenment.


Traditionally, Aquamarine induced calm and healed the eyes, throat, and glands. The Romans used it for stomach, liver, and throat complaints and diseases of the jaw. In The Vision of Piers Plowman, Aquamarine miraculously acts as an antidote against poison, reflecting a belief set out in ancient lapidaries. Crystal workers use Aquamarine to harmonize the thyroid and pituitary glands when their functions have been thrown out of balance by psychic overactivity. Place the gem over your throat to free self-expression, over your heart to eliminate fear, and on your brow to sharpen mental perception.


Aquamarine promotes tolerance and offers support during difficult situations. It helps you overcome judgmental tendencies and take responsibility for yourself. If closure is required, Aquamarine assists in letting go of mental constructs and underlying emotional states. It reminds you that progress is the law of life—the soul must evolve along the pathway it laid down for itself prior to incarnation.



Wear an Aquamarine against your heart. It inspires hope in your heart and helps you walk with enhanced awareness of your surroundings.