The Power of Earth Healing: Aragonite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Earth Healing: Aragonite

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral, soma, throat, third eye, heart, soul star, stellar gateway

Physiological correspondences: Metabolic processes; nervous system; respiratory and immune systems; calcium absorption; disc elasticity; muscles, teeth, bones, lungs, and throat; subtle bodies; polarities

Vibration: Earthy and high


Although ancient artifacts from Mexico crafted from Aragonite have been found, their magical and therapeutic properties are lost due to problems with nomenclature. As Aragonite was named after Aragon in Spain, the Alfonso lapidary probably includes this stone, but it is impossible to identify. Aragonite is calcium carbonate, formed from stalactites, and is an excellent Earth healer; it also creates the highest spiritual connection for our planet.

Working with Aragonite reminds us that the Earth is a living, conscious being with whom we must live in synergistic harmony. The stone links you to the Earth’s etheric grid and facilitates the planet’s own ascension into expanded dimensions, teaching the interconnectedness of all life.


An excellent soul healer, Aragonite is also a profoundly physical stone. It is alkaline and warming, especially for the extremities. Positioned over an appropriate spot, anecdotal evidence suggests White Aragonite balances overacidity, reduces joint pain, eases muscle spasms, cramps, and night twitches, and restores circulation to fingers or toes for those with Raynaud’s disease. Blue Aragonite assists arthritic conditions and breath work. Use Aragonite-infused water on the scalp to ameliorate hair loss. The stone paradoxically increases energy, yet slows processes that are out of control.

Place Brown Aragonite on the base chakra, Blue on the throat or third eye, and Lilac-pink on the crown to balance the chakras and align them to a flow of higher energies. Brown Aragonite stabilizes the base chakra and grounds the soul comfortably in the physical body.


Aragonite takes you back into childhood to find the source of angst, anxiety, or dis-ease. The stone’s vibrations also convey you to past lives to heal the etheric imprint of karmic wounding or emotional blockages. If you are a hard taskmaster, this patient stone helps you be more forgiving and gentle with yourself, replacing unrealistic expectations with achievable goals. If you suffer from loneliness of the soul, hold delicate Blue Aragonite to call in your spiritual twin flame. (Note: Aragonite is also found in Petrified Wood and Ammolite, mineralized Ammonite).

Beautiful Blue Aragonite contains copper, a mineral considered sacred to Venus. You can put this high-vibration stone on the sacral and base chakras to restore your connection to the divine feminine. Place any of the Aragonites on the earth star chakra to deepen your connection to your spiritual roots in Mother Earth.



Place Brown Star Aragonite in the Earth or on a map to facilitate Earth healing, especially where geopathic stress has disturbed the Earth’s grid.