The Power of Disconnection: Aventurine

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Disconnection: Aventurine

Chakra correspondences: Spleen, heart, higher heart (thymus); additional chakras are activated by specific colors

Physiological correspondences: Spleen, eyes, lungs, heart, skin, adrenals, sinuses, muscular and urogenital systems, thymus gland, metabolic processes, nervous system, connective tissue

Vibration: Earthy to high, depending on color


A Quartz or Feldspar with Pyrite or Hematite inclusions, Aventurine was known in the ancient world, as numerous statues and amulets attest; however, nomenclature problems make it difficult to assess exactly what properties were attributed to it. Smargos was usually translated as Emerald, but could be any green stone, and Aventurine was plentiful in the ancient world whereas Emerald was rare. The “Emerald” in the Breastplate of the High Priest was probably Green Aventurine.

One legend says that an imitation Aventurine, known as Goldstone, was discovered by alchemists as they sought to make gold. Another says that an Italian monastic order made Goldstone according to a secret recipe. The Miotti family made Goldstone in seventeenth-century Venice, and it is now valued as a stone of abundance in its own right.


Aventurine is a versatile healing stone. Energetically resonating with the thymus gland and the immune system, it energetically regulates blood pressure and may act as an anti-inflammatory. Its resonance is used to heal arteriosclerosis and decrease cholesterol. Green Aventurine, an all-around healer, works with the heart, adrenals, eyes, and nervous system; it also calms nausea. Blue Aventurine facilitates mental healing, bringing about inner calm. Peach Aventurine enhances the flow of healing energy from the Earth into the physical body. Red Aventurine resonates with the urogenital system to increase fertility and enhance libido. White Aventurine heals the subtle bodies and neurotransmitters.

Crystal workers use Aventurine-infused water to relieve skin conditions. An excellent space and aura protector because it blocks electromagnetic smog, Aventurine is extremely beneficial for sensitive people who respond adversely to emanations from cell phones, Wi-Fi, or computers. This stone also has a powerful connection with the devic kingdom, helping to negate environmental pollution and enhance fertility.


Aventurine disconnects you from anything that saps your power. It prevents inappropriate relationships from “vampirizating” your heart energy and helps you live within the temple of your own heart.

A stone of joyous abundance, Aventurine assists you in recognizing and overcoming inner feelings of lack that may underlie poverty consciousness. Want to look closely at your future plans, motives, or agendas? Hold Aventurine to focus your mind and see possibilities. If you go outside your comfort zone, this supportive stone increases your confidence, enhances leadership abilities, and helps you step into your true self.



Place Green Aventurine beneath your left armpit to disconnect energetic hooks. The stone heals and seals the site, immediately raising your energy.