The Spiritual Powerhouse: Azeztulite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Spiritual Powerhouse: Azeztulite

Chakra correspondences: Third eye, crown, soul star, stellar gateway, and beyond; connects all chakras to higher dimensions

Physiological correspondences: Cells and cellular processes; works mainly at the spiritual level to facilitate a vibrational shift

Vibration: Exceptionally high


Azeztulite’s powerful, highly refined energetic qualities usher in a New Age. Raised to an exceptionally pure vibration and infused with “nameless light” by a race of beings called the Azez, it is a crystal for accelerated enlightenment. The Azez have stated their purpose as giving spiritual assistance to the Earth and creating an expansion of cellular and cosmic consciousness at this time of vibrational shift.

Azeztulite helps you explore alternative realities and multidimensions, facilitating interdimensional journeys and connections to beings in other realms. It activates all the higher chakras and attunes you to the highest frequencies. However, it should only be used when you have completed your inner work, dissolved ingrained patterns and toxic emotions, and prepared yourself for multidimensional expansion. Otherwise, you may experience side effects such as dizziness, disorientation, or violent emotional outbursts until the new energy is fully assimilated. You might need other crystals to support opening your vibrational potential and to prepare your body for the influx of light and ascent to higher awareness.

If you are just beginning high-vibration crystal work, use the opaque form of Azeztulite. Pink and Golden Azeztulite will take experienced crystal workers ever higher. Pink links you to goddess energy and the wise feminine, Golden to the gods and ancient wisdom. Placed over the third eye, Azeztulite facilitates seeing the future that is being created and the changes needed to bring it into being. Azeztulite’s heightened energy can raise the vibration of other stones, especially those in the Quartz family.


Azeztulite stimulates cellular consciousness. Exciting but controversial research shows that cell membranes in the body trigger or switch off inherited genetic codes in response to emotions or thoughts. This explains why genetic dis-eases affect some family members and not others. Azeztulite, with its ability to infuse light into the cells, facilitates this control mechanism, activating twelve-strand DNA and stimulating neurotransmitters to heal cellular disorders, which may include tumors and inflammation.

Shifting the physical body to a higher vibration is Azeztulite’s most powerful work. By activating and linking “expansion points” at the base of the spine, the dantien, and in the center of the brain, Azeztulite integrates the lightbody into the physical to birth expanded consciousness on Earth.


Atuning to the “nameless light” carried by Azeztulite offers the opportunity for transformation of the whole planet and everyone on it—spiritual enlightenment for all.



Place Azeztulite on the soul star chakra to create a two-way vibrational ladder between Earth and alternative realities and bring back guidance and spiritual insight.