The Power of Remembrance: Beryl

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Remembrance: Beryl

Chakra correspondences: Solar plexus, crown, heart; varies according to color and type

Physiological correspondences: Liver, heart, stomach, spine, throat, pulmonary and circulatory systems, detoxification on physical and emotional levels; Golden Beryl (Heliodor): lymphatic system

Vibration: Earthy and high


Pliny tells us that ancient Indian craftsmen faceted Beryl into elongated hexagons that enhanced its color, sea green being the most prized (see Aquamarine, page 36). They strung the gem on elephant’s bristles. Long before Pliny’s time, a spirit was believed to inhabit the stone who, when summoned, revealed secrets. Beryl was also used in rain magic and afforded protection against the storm gods’ wrath.

In the Middle Ages Beryl was a popular oracular crystal. Queen Elizabeth I’s astrologer and seer, Dr. John Dee, used a polished Beryl ball for scrying. Today Beryl still has the power to stimulate the third eye. The sixteenth-century writer Reginald Scot reported that on praying to St. Helen, “The finest beryl would manifest an image of the saint in an angelic form, and answer any questions asked of her.”

Beryl symbolizes happiness and everlasting youth. It had a long association with remembrance of the dead, but opinions varied on exactly how this manifested. The twelfthcentury magician Albertus Magnus reported that Beryl had a “horror of death” saying that, although it was particularly potent against evil spirits and demons, the crystal lost its power if it touched a corpse. Nevertheless, Beryl was popular for necromancy, magically calling up the spirits of the dead.

In 1886, S. M. Burnham reported that Beryls several feet in length were occasionally found in Stoneham, Maine. According to him, superior-quality blue Beryls were obtained from the Mourne Mountains in Ireland, but the best stones came from Russia. Beryl is a stone of Archangels Auriel and Zadkiel. It rules the Angelic Dominions.


Ancient authorities tell us Beryl healed eye problems. The crystal was rubbed on swollen throats to heal quinsy and placed over the liver to take away pain. Beryl-infused water allegedly cured hiccups. Modern-day crystal workers also use Beryl-infused water as a gargle to soothe throat infections. An antistress remedy, the crystal is applied over the liver and lymphatic system to encourage detoxification. It energetically strengthens the heart, lungs, and circulation.


An excellent crystal for beginners, gentle Beryl lets you clarify your thoughts and release deeply ingrained beliefs that no longer serve you. Beryl transmutes toxic emotions, leaving only purity of being. The perfect stone for “spiritual constipation,” it gets you moving on your soul’s path. Its vibration raises your self-esteem and transforms your life.



Whenever you feel down, hold Beryl and remember when you were totally happy and upbeat. The memory will remain and see you through dark times.