The Power of Protection: Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

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The Power of Protection: Black Tourmaline (Schorl)

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, higher heart (thymus); protects all chakras and seals the aura

Physiological correspondences: Immune system, spinal column, detoxification processes, motor function, lungs

Vibration: Earthy


Tourmaline is found in many colors due to a variety of chemical constituents, and ancient legends abound about its effectiveness as a protection amulet. Not all ancient sources can be authenticated, however, due to confusion over the name Schorl, which is now applied only to Black Tourmaline.

Most Black Tourmaline contains iron, making it a powerfully protective stone. Due to its inner structure, however, Tourmaline traps negative energy within it rather than bouncing it back and forth as iron-based stones are prone to do. Use it in a grid around your home to create a protective shield that blocks negativity or toxic energy of any kind.

Tourmaline is piezoelectric and pyroelectric, generating electricity through pressure or heat, such as from the sun. Due to its attraction-repulsion electrostatic property, it was named the “ash drawer.” This property was accidentally discovered by Dutch children, who were playing with the stone. Soon afterward, Dutch mariners began using the stone to draw ash out of their long-stemmed pipes. The Chinese used Burmese Black Tourmalines to make buttons for Mandarins’ hats.


Black Tourmaline protects the body against electromagnetic stress, negativity, and psychic attack. It may help to harmonize the brain and repattern neural pathways in malfunctions, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia. Realigning the spinal column, Black Tourmaline energetically stimulates the immune system and the thyroid gland. To relieve pain and arthritic swelling, hold this stone over the site.


Black Tourmaline is invaluable for sensitive people who are overwhelmed by geopathic or electromagnetic stress, including Wi-Fi, or by radiation. It draws the toxicity out through your feet and transmutes it into powerful Earth-healing energy. Wear Black Tourmaline at your throat or place it on your computer or other electrical equipment to block emanations and strengthen your auric field.

Wearing Black Tourmaline gives psychic protection, too. To transmute negative energy, place the stone on the name of the person who is instigating an attack.

At a psychological level, Black Tourmaline helps you understand how holding onto toxic emotions or negative thoughts attacks you from within, creating dis-ease that ultimately manifests physically. The stone supports you in acting and thinking positively, so you create a beneficial environment for yourself.

Black Tourmaline (Schorl)


To instantly stop jealousy, ill will, or all-out psychic attack, wear Black Tourmaline over your thymus. The stone safely defuses the attack.