The Empowerer: Scepter

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Empowerer: Scepter

Chakra correspondences: Ignites and empowers all chakras, particularly the base and sacral

Physiological correspondences: Male genitalia, female reproductive system, endocrine glands

Vibration: Earthy to high depending on the particular type of crystal (a Scepter is a specific shape, not a type of crystal)


The ultimate symbol of power, Scepter is a shape rather than a specific type of crystal. It can be likened to a magician’s wand. A Scepter’s central rod has another crystal—usually, but not always, of the same type—wrapped around it. Its shape may be phallic/masculine or yonic/feminine. A reversed Scepter has a small crystal point emerging from a larger base. Scepters may be naturally formed or carved from a piece of crystal.

An ancient symbol of royal authority, the Scepter also formed part of priestly regalia. As most early priests and kings were shamans and magicians, the Scepter took on an aura of awesome power. In the Greek Iliad (ninth century B.C.E.), Homer speaks of a Scepter made from a wooden rod topped with an ornamented ball, the whole overlaid in gold and adorned with precious stones. Virtually all the European countries include a Scepter among ceremonial regalia, symbolizing the monarch’s inalienable right to rule.


A Scepter directs healing energy precisely to the source of a problem in the physical or subtle bodies, so that energies are restructured and brought into alignment. The shape magnifies the innate healing power of the crystal and dissolves or blasts out sources of dis-ease, depending on the crystal’s nature. A Malachite or Obsidian Scepter, for instance, produces a powerful blast of energy, whereas an Amethyst or Elestial is gentler in its approach.

A Scepter is particularly helpful in dealing with the emotional and psychological impact of childhood abuse where this is an underlying psychosomatic cause of dis-ease. In past-life work, a Scepter helps to heal personality splits created by soul or karmic wounds, especially if these have been caused by an abuse of authority. A Scepter also assists in reintegrating soul fragments. The shape unites masculine and feminine energies to stimulate the controlled rise of kundalini power to activate enlightenment.


All Scepters assist you with assimilating and using power properly. An Elestial Quartz Scepter is the ultimate tool for reclaiming lost power, whether power was willingly handed over or has been lost through abuse or misuse of power in the past. It is especially useful if this loss of power has caused psychological dis-ease, anxiety, and personality disorders. Calling your power back transforms you into an inner-directed being who cannot be swayed by external influences. You are empowered.



To activate your power, place the Scepter over your base chakra for five minutes and say aloud: “I reclaim and activate my power now.”