The Power to Activate: Blue Moonstone

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power to Activate: Blue Moonstone

Chakra correspondences: Soma, third eye, crown, soul star, stellar gateway, higher heart (thymus), heart seed

Physiological correspondences: Female reproductive system, lymphatic system, metabolic processes, digestive tract, pineal gland, skin, hair, eyes, hyperactivity, biorhythms, subtle energy bodies

Vibration: White Moonstone low, Rainbow Moonstone high, natural Blue Moon-stone extremely high


Blue Moonstone occurs naturally in Sri Lanka and parts of India. The legendary power of Moonstone lies in its connections with the moon, and it traditionally stimulated metaphysical abilities. Dedicated to Diana, Roman goddess of the moon, the crystal bestowed wisdom and victory on the wearer. Pliny tells us Moonstone changed according to the moon’s phases, becoming more brilliant at the full moon. Its adularescence—a ghostly shining on the surface—is created by water in the crystal.

In the Middle Ages, Moonstone was a love talisman during the waxing moon—love increased as the moon grew bigger. During the waning period, Moonstone enabled the wearer to see the future. In some cultures, Moonstone was placed under the tongue to activate its properties, linking it to the central channel through which Qi and kundalini energy flow.

Moonstone is a sacred Hindu stone. A spirit that resides in the stone is believed to bring good fortune to its owner. Moonstone is linked with Archangel Gabriel.


Moonstone traditionally prevented lunacy and calmed the soul. It regulated menstruation and menopause. Blue Moonstone may help to bring the female reproductive system to optimum energetic functioning prior to conception. Placed over the thymus, Blue Moonstone energetically attunes the physical body to assimilate the minerals and nutrients required for lightbody integration.


Common white Moonstone can induce delusions, but these are turned into profound spiritual insights by Blue Moonstone, which activates your expanded consciousness and awakens your spiritual potential. If you are new to crystal working, placing the three types of Moonstone successively on the soma chakra facilitates ascension through the vibratory levels. White Moonstone opens your metaphysical abilities and prepares you for an influx of spiritual energy. Rainbow Moonstone infuses you with cosmic and spiritual light, so you are part of an ever-unfolding continuous cycle of life and consciousness. Blue Moonstone takes you to the peak of coherent multidimensional awareness, enabling you to be “here” and “there” simultaneously.

Gentle Blue Moonstone helps a “macho” man get in touch with his inner feminine qualities or an overly aggressive female to find her gentler side. Using this crystal balances the polarities of masculine and feminine and prepares you for alchemical marriage and androgynous being. (Note: If Blue Moonstone energy is difficult to assimilate, hold Hematite to reground yourself. You may need to remove Blue Moonstone at full moon.)

Blue Moonstone


Place a Blue Moonstone on the back of your neck for ten minutes to relax muscle tension and increase blood flow to the brain.