The Power of Gratitude: Carnelian

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Gratitude: Carnelian

Chakra correspondences: Base, sacral

Physiological correspondences: Blood and blood-rich organs, metabolic processes, reproductive organs, mineral assimilation

Vibration: Earthy


An ancient rhyme states, “Fate has with virtues great Carnelian’s nature graced; tied round the neck or on the finger placed.” A popular stone for seals and amulets throughout the Mediterranean and Near East, Carnelian was common in ancient times. As Pliny points out, it prevented misfortune and attracted good luck. It appears in an early Mesopotamian recipe for fighting off disease and, with Jasper, was tied around the wrists of Egyptian newborns. A seventeenth-century English lapidary says it “recreates the minde, cohabits sad dreams, expels fear, and preserves the carrier from witches and harms.” Goethe tells us, “It brings good luck to child and man [and] drives away all evil things. To thee and thine protection brings.” In the Arabic world, the name of Allah engraved on a Carnelian protected the wearer from harm, and legend says the Prophet Mohammed wore one mounted in silver.

The Alfonso lapidary says, “men love this stone because of its beauty and its virtues.” Virtues included helping people involved in court cases; if an advocate speaking on their behalf wore Carnelian, it helped him argue eloquently and fearlessly. Carnelian also attracted whatever you most desired. In modern crystal working, it is a popular stone for abundance rituals.


The Alfonso lapidary suggests wearing Carnelian if you have a weak voice, as it energizes the throat. The stone staunched bleeding, especially in women whose menstrual flow was great, and it was pulverized for use as toothpaste, a cavity and gum healer. Modern crystal workers prize Carnelian for its ability to energize. It may benefit infertility, impotence, and frigidity. By the system of “like heals like,” its energetic signature calms inflammation, increases mineral assimilation, and lifts depression.


Carnelian stimulates courage and action. It restores motivation, energizes the soul body, and helps turn dreams into realities. With this stone, you can work an act of truly outrageous magic that transmogrifies the mundane world. For instance, use it to successfully apply for a dream job, for which you are not qualified, where you dramatically transform other people’s lives.

Traditionally, Carnelian protected against envy. Eastern belief said that if you envied anyone’s possessions or wealth, your thoughts caused him to lose what you craved. This is useful karmic insight into the power of envy. Magnanimous Carnelian helps you be grateful for what you have and to give thanks for the good fortune of others, reinforcing universal abundance.



Place a Carnelian where you will see it often. Each time you pass the stone, touch it and say, “I am grateful.”