The Power of Knowledge: Cathedral Quartz

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Knowledge: Cathedral Quartz

Chakra correspondences: Past life, soma, crown, soul star, stellar gateway, and beyond

Physiological correspondences: Pain relief, multidimensional cellular processes, viruses

Vibration: Very high


This Library of Light holds all possibilities and knowledge of past, present, and future; it is attuned to the Akashic Record. This Quartz formation has emerged now to assist in shifting the vibrational frequency of our planet and all who live here. I use one to help download information from the crystal oversouls regarding the deeper purposes of new crystals.

Cathedral Quartz has many terminations coming off its main body, symbolizing the oneness of creation. It reminds us that, although we may experience ourselves as individuals, at the core level we are all one. In group work, Cathedral Quartz harmonizes and amplifies group intention, acting as both receiver and transmitter for group energy.


Cathedral Quartz has the master healing power of Quartz taken to a higher dimension, to work on cellular memory from the vibration of light. This crystal heals dis-eases carried through the ancestral line or by your own soul. Physically, anecdotal evidence suggests it is magical for relieving pain and for preventing bacterial and viral infections. (Place it directly over the affected site.)


Cathedral Quartz lets you access the fullness of your whole being and the history of your soul. It helps you remember who you truly are and why you assumed incarnation. Through working with Cathedral Quartz, you develop an unshakeable sense of your true value and reason for being. Each type of Cathedral Quartz has its own specific transformation power.

Clear Cathedral Quartz sheds light on every part of your being, purifying and activating your core perfection as a child of the universe. Citrine Cathedral Quartz is excellent for releasing poverty consciousness. It takes you back to your roots to examine your core beliefs about prosperity, helps you recognize your inner riches, and reprograms your soul to always expect enough. By reminding you of the power of personal intention and the abundant universe, it enhances awareness of your own worth and attracts abundance to you. Smoky Cathedral Quartz transmutes negativity at any level. This is a powerful crystal for soul healing and karmic transformation. The smallest piece is potent, especially when used in grids. Invaluable if negative thoughts and toxic emotional patterns are causing dis-ease, this crystal brings in light and elevates vibrations to a place where negativity cannot take hold.

Cathedral Quartz


Meditate with Cathedral Quartz daily to raise the frequency of your mind, encouraging positive thought and intention.