The Power of Sanctuary: Celestite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Sanctuary: Celestite

Chakra correspondences: Throat, third eye, crown, soul star, stellar gateway

Physiological correspondences: Eyes, ears, throat, muscles, cellular structures

Vibration: High


Named from the Latin caelestis—literally “celestial” or “heavenly”—Celestite in its ethereal blue form is a potent crystal for cosmic connection. Gazing on it lifts you to another dimension and instills a profound sense of peace as it expands your consciousness and promotes harmonious coexistence with the whole cosmos. This crystal offers a ray of hope similar to seeing the sun in the depths of winter. It assures you there is light in the darkness and that warmth will return.

The heavenly blue of Celestite may be created by minute traces of gold or natural irradiation in the crystal, reminding us of the golden spark of pure spirit in our hearts. Its potency, however, comes from the mineral strontium, which paradoxically is used in making red fireworks—there is a powerful force at the heart of this delicate-looking crystal.

Modern crystal lore says an angelic choir created Celestite, and one of the stone’s major properties is angelic communication. Keep this crystal with you at all times to call in your guardian angel. Blue Celestite is associated with Archangel Michael, and Lilac Celestite (Lilac Anhydrite) is a stone of Zadkiel.


This gentle crystal energetically infuses cell memory with a higher vibration, switching on positive genetic potential and dissolving dis-ease carried in the genes or in cellular memory to restore order within the cell. Crystal workers place it on the body to relax muscle tension and heal throat conditions.


Meditating with Celestite connects you to the celestial wisdom of the universal mind and creates a sanctuary for your soul. If you are new to crystal power, Celestite is the perfect crystal to bring you into contact with other dimensions. Its gentle, opening effect creates a peaceful space in which to safely explore your inner being and/or your higher self.

If you are beset by fears and worries, meditating with Celestite clears confusion, inducing hope and mental clarity. By helping you to come from your heart rather than your head, this crystal synthesizes instinct and intuition. It is the perfect crystal for artists who need to stimulate creativity and expand their ideas.



Place Celestite on your third eye to open psychic communication with angelic realms and connect to the star beings of the Pleiades.