The Power of Tranquility: Chrysocolla

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Tranquility: Chrysocolla

Chakra correspondences: Sacral; cleanses and activates all chakras, uniting you with the divine

Physiological correspondences: Pancreas, blood and circulation, brain, bones, muscles, thyroid gland, throat, and digestive, reproductive, and metabolic systems

Vibration: Earthy to high, depending on type


Many early stone names were generic, and when writers such as Theophrastus and Pliny mention chrysokolla they could be referring to Malachite (see page 122) or Chrysocolla. The name means “gold glue” due to its ancient use in intricate gold work. The Leyden Papyrus, an Egyptian scientific and medicinal text, includes a recipe for gold solder. The chrysokolla base was heated with a reducing agent to produce copper, which bonded to the gold in situ. Whether the base stone was Malachite or Chrysocolla is unclear as both were found in Egyptian copper mines. The Alfonso lapidary also refers to a “joiner of gold” that cleaved everything together no matter how small the amount. The joiner of gold also cleaned out ulcers, healed scabies of the eyes, and reattached retinas—all properties traditionally associated with Chrysocolla.

Whether we are referring to the extraction of copper or the joining of gold, this is an allegory for the transmutation of the soul through spiritual alchemy. The process resonates with Chrysocolla as the stone transmutes negative energy of all kinds, reconnecting you to the divine within.


Traditionally Chrysocolla is used as a powerful detoxifier and relaxant that relieves cramps and ensures peaceful sleep. Placed under the pillow, it prevented nightmares. This stone was said to stimulate metabolism and assist the eyes and throat. It reduced infection, goiter, and inflammations such as gout. Combined with Smoky Quartz, it may facilitate clearing fungal infections. Crystal workers use it to stimulate liver function and energetically mobilized heavy metals out of the body. A powerful energizer for body and psyche, it transforms lethargy at any level.

Drusy Chrysocolla calms physical or emotional trauma. Placed on the lower chakras, Crystalline Chrysocolla (Gem Silica) may help to heal sexual trauma from the current or a past life, particularly if this has involved magical or cult ritual.


Tranquil Chrysocolla assists you in moving away from egocentricity, aligning your behavior with personal ideals. Worn at the throat, it helps you live in accordance with your truth and speak your beliefs calmly and fluently. It eases judgment and encourages compassion and forgiveness for those who oppose you. If you are dependent on others, the stone instills a sense of trust in yourself, encouraging independence as it gently supports the soul. Crystalline Chrysocolla has a higher vibration than the base stone and increases the rate at which energies are raised and stabilized.



Place Chrysocolla in warm bathwater to infuse your whole being with peace and tranquility.