The Power of Acceptance: Danburite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Acceptance: Danburite

Chakra correspondences: Heart, higher heart (thymus), heart seed; activates soul star and stellar gateway

Physiological correspondences: Heart, circulatory system, liver, gallbladder, muscular and motor systems

Vibration: High to exceptionally high


Danburite is a powerful heart healer. New finds and alchemicalization processes have raised the crystal’s vibrational frequencies, facilitating the connection of the heart and soul star chakras to angelic realms and beyond. Danburite represents the compassionate heart of the universe, the flame of unconditional love that flows through All That Is. It teaches acceptance of things as they are and as they have been.


Physically, Danburite may assist the circulation system, detoxify the liver and gallbladder, rectify chronic conditions, alleviate allergies, and strengthen motor and muscular function. Etherically, Danburite dissolves heartbreak and infuses the higher heart and heart seed chakras with unconditional love and acceptance, so that the lightbody can be embodied. Golden Danburite (Agni Gold™) releases psychosomatic and karmic wounds, instilling compassion for yourself and dissolving blockages to spiritual advancement.


Danburite’s power facilitates deep change and profound inner peace. If you have never known love, or are unable to love or forgive yourself, placing Danburite over your heart chakras opens the temple of your inner being, connecting you to unconditional love and the infinite compassion of All That Is. This crystal helps you live in love.

Use Lilac Danburite if grief has blocked the flow of heart energy. It lets you gently release loved ones, safe in the knowledge that you will meet again when your physical existence is over, as a connection of unconditional love is never broken. Golden Danburite connects you to the highest guidance and universal mind, instilling serenity. It facilitates deep karmic and soul healing, cleansing memories and releasing outdated soul imperatives that have prevented your soul’s evolution.

Drusy Danburite, with its coating of tiny quartz crystals, amplifies heart energy to an even finer vibration, connecting to archangels and compassionate heart Buddha-energy. This crystal offers the choice of laughing at life no matter how dire your circumstances may be. It is a joyful companion for the terminally ill or deeply depressed as it lifts the spirits to a greater level of insight. The crystal instills patience and aligns you with your soul’s timing, rather than the ego’s impatience.

Combined with Smoky Quartz, Danburite has a powerful detoxifying and purifying action on the emotions. Aqua Danburite, alchemicalized with pure gold, activates the spiritual gold in your core. This crystal welcomes home soul fragments that were left behind in the heartbreak of past lives and facilitates living from an expanded, accepting, compassionate heart.



To bring the power of Danburite into your heart, place the crystal over your heart chakra and immerse yourself in warm bathwater for fifteen minutes.