Portal Power: Flint

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

Portal Power: Flint

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral, soul star

Physiological correspondences: Jaw, skeleton and joints, reproductive system, skin, cellular and tissue structures, warts, moles, growths, etheric body, energy structure of the physical body

Vibration: Earthy


Highly prized in the ancient world, Flint held the essence of fire, that magical element without which life would not exist. From a tiny spark and a whisper of breath, the magical transmutation from rock into flame occurred. Cornelius Agrippa, a fifteenth-century German magician, speaks with awe of fiery sophus, Flint stones that created fire and thunderbolts. Flint symbolized the power of the Earth made manifest. Knapped Flint could magically take away life. Around the world, Flint objects were placed in ancient graves, many in pristine condition, indicating their purpose was ritualistic. An acoustic, resonant stone, Flint was believed to open the portal between the worlds and give the soul tools to negotiate the other world. Using this stone ignites the flame of spiritual seeking and hones your soul.

Traditionally, Flint connects to the Green Man, Earth mysteries, the heart of Mother Earth, and power animals. It balances masculine and feminine to create the sacred inner marriage. Use Flint to facilitate rites of passage throughout life. Placed on the earth star, base, and sacral chakras, it forms a shamanic anchor linking your soul to Earth, holding you gently in incarnation and grounding spiritual energies.


Flint cleanses the aura and chakras. Two hundred years ago, homeopathic dilutions of Flint treated chronic ulcers or abscesses and “scrofulous troubles of the joints or bones.” Flint assists detoxification and pain release, and its shards facilitate etheric surgery and cauterization. Its power heals at emotional, psychological, and energetic levels rather than physical. Metaphorically, it cuts through blockages, past-life ties, and chakra connections that you have outgrown. Taking you deep into yourself, Flint reveals and transmutes underlying causes of depression. It assists you in bringing your shadow’s gifts into conscious awareness.

This stone is a powerful Earth healer. When gridded in areas of geopathic stress or energetic disruption, it restores stability, recreating the Earth’s energy-meridian matrix.


Flint stands at the portal between the material and spiritual worlds. By grounding energetic downloads from higher dimensions into the physical body, it creates core stability and restructures information stored in the cells. By cutting away all that no longer serves you, it sets you free from the past. With Flint’s assistance you re-member your soul, bringing together fragmentations and lost memories so that you journey home through the portal of your true self. (See Novaculite, page 138.)



“Comb” the aura a foot or so out from and around the physical body with Flint to remove energetic dis-ease and raise your energetic frequency.