The Power of Paramagnetic Resonance: Granite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Paramagnetic Resonance: Granite

Chakra correspondences: Soma, past life, earth star, base, sacral

Physiological correspondences: Bones, calcium and mineral assimilation, electrical systems of the body

Vibration: Earthy


The ancient Egyptians used powdered Granite to treat white spots of the eye, despite the powder being an irritant. They may have intended to imbue strength and durability, but could have been applying the energetic principle of “like heals like.” Granite’s high Quartz and Feldspar content produces light-catching crystal specks on its surface. But the magic of Granite lies deeper. Stone circles constructed from Granite have a higher radiation field than the surrounding areas. A powerful current flows through the rock with measurable results. Egyptian Aswan Granite, which has the highest paramagnetic resonance, was believed to harness the power of the sun god Ra and to harmonize the magnetic currents of the surrounding landscape (Texas and Indian Pink Granite have similar but unawakened energy). In the modern-day state of Georgia, Granite “Guidestones” have been astronomically aligned to draw in the Age of Reason.

Granite allows sound to pass through it. Lithophones, as sound rocks are known, seem magical to anyone who witnesses a lump of rock turn into a resonant bell when struck. Such bells are still used as ceremonial instruments in temples in the Far East. In the UK and elsewhere, lithophones situated in wild places were used for shamanic Earth healing rituals.

Many cultures regarded rocks as membranes between the worlds. Cracks in the rocks allowed spirits and shamans to traverse the different realms. Grid Granite to create a sacred space in which to practice magical transformational rituals. Meditating with Aswan Granite helps you reconnect to temple lives and arcane knowledge.


Granite has long been used to heal rickets, rheumatism, and infertility. Its stabilizing effect on the human energy field helps realign the subtle bodies with the physical, encouraging electrical activity in cells and stimulating immune response. An excellent sound healer, Granite conveys Qi through its resonant vibrations. Granite grids can neutralize the ill effects of toxic Earth energy lines and reenergize the Earth’s magnetic matrix.


Egyptologist Robert Bauval has described human beings as “star material become conscious” because our bodies contain minerals and elements from outer space. The ancient Egyptians knew about Granite’s ability to transform the human energy field to a higher resonance and encouraged humankind to look to the stars for their origins. They utilized Granite to draw the power of the gods to Earth and to assist the Pharaoh on his shamanic journey to the stars. So can you.



Place a piece of Granite on the floor at each corner of your bed to boost the flow of energy through your body.