The Power of Interface: Healer’s Gold

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Interface: Healer’s Gold

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral, higher heart (thymus), past life

Physiological correspondences: Cellular structures, energetic meridians, immune system, physical vitality, blood, bones, DNA, digestive tract, circulatory and respiratory systems

Vibration: Earthy and high


Healer’s Gold is a powerful, synergistic combination of Iron Pyrite and Magnetite, which come under Mars’s influence and so tend to speed up things. At a vibrational level, the stone brings core issues to the surface for resolution.

Magnetite has a strong positive-negative polarity and can be used for magnet therapy or Earth healing. Iron Pyrite protects the subtle bodies, deflecting harmful energies and negative thoughts. The combination prevents energy leakage from the auric body and helps to ground high-frequency energies into the physical body and the Earth.

Healer’s Gold aids healers whose energy drops during the healing process, which indicates that the healer is giving away personal life energy or taking in negative energy from the patient. Healer’s Gold teaches you to work at the vibrational interface between personal energy fields, passing on universal healing energy and sending negativity to the stone for transmutation.

Healer’s Gold also provides a useful energetic shield to guard against electromagnetic pollution or other negative energies in the external world. Because it contains iron, it also protects you from the harmful intentions of others. The synergistic properties of Magnetite and Pyrite block negative energies at the interface, returning them to the source so that understanding can be reached. Through sympathetic magic, the combination also transmutes psychic attacks.


Healer’s Gold boosts the energy systems of both healer and recipient, and enhances the flow of Qi throughout both people’s bodies. The perfect stone for dis-eases affecting the immune system, its powerful balancing ability energetically sedates or stimulates as appropriate—especially if the body is trying too hard to heal itself, resulting in inflammation or fever. Healer’s Gold speeds recovery from chronic illness and renews vitality during convalescence. It moves sluggish energy through blocked meridians, bringing the body back into harmony. For sports injuries, pass Healer’s Gold over the damaged site to increase blood flow, draw out pain, relax muscles, and stabilize tendons and bones.


The power of Healer’s Gold to transmute negative energies and kick-start stuck situations is much stronger than that of its individual components. Excellent for overcoming psychological despair when an illness or situation does not appear to be shifting, the stone instills confidence and feelings of well-being. If you’ve experienced an abusive past, Healer’s Gold helps you find the gold in the core of your being. Lemurian Jade is energetically similar to Healer’s Gold.

Healer’s Gold


Wear Healer’s Gold to create a magnetic shield to prevent depletion or invasion of your personal energetic space.