The Power of Coherence: Herkimer Diamond

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Coherence: Herkimer Diamond

Chakra correspondences: All

Physiological correspondences: Metabolism and detoxification systems, neural pathways, cellular structure, DNA

Vibration: High to exceptionally high


Herkimer Diamond is a form of Quartz that often contains oil, carbon, or mineral inclusions that add to the stone’s magical properties. One of the oldest Quartzes, it slowly formed underwater hundreds of millions of years ago and holds the wisdom of the ages in its crystalline depths. Formed as individual crystals within a matrix, Herkimers are double-terminated. Therefore, they help both to break old patterns and to retrieve and reintegrate parts of the soul that fragmented in other lives.

Herkimers unite body, mind, spirit, multidimensions, and consciousness into an integrated whole. They work well as a multidimensional information highway. A powerful agent of transmutation and purification, Herkimer Diamond protects against electromagnetic smog and geomagnetic pollution. Gridded around an area of environmental disharmony, it restores equilibrium.


Herkimers are effective energy detoxifiers, whether used in grids or placed on the chakras. Grid Herkimer Diamonds around your bed to overcome insomnia caused by environmental factors. By drawing energy into your body to create new neural pathways and facilitate cellular informational downloads, the crystal restructures etheric DNA, reattuning your metabolism to a higher frequency. Smoky Herkimers are effective for environmental healing and for stabilizing energies. Golden Enhydro Herkimers, which contain bubbles of oil inside, effect profound emotional healing. All Herkimers energize water into a potent healing elixir. Under the direction of an experienced crystal therapist, Herkimers can inspire powerful soul healing.


Herkimers transform the way you see the world. They aid you in creating within the physical body new neural pathways that connect to the lightbody and to All That Is to manifest your spiritual potential on Earth. Herkimer attunes you to a much higher reality and accelerates your spiritual growth, so you become coherent at every level of being.

Amethyst Herkimer is rare, but has an exceptionally high vibration that aligns the incarnated portion of your soul with that which exists in other dimensions. A powerful shield for the soul when journeying through interdimensional realms, it creates the highest spiritual connections. Yellow (“Citrine”) Herkimer transmutes poverty consciousness from past-life vows into prosperity consciousness that attracts abundance to your soul. Blue Herkimer infused with Boulangerite brings a new sense of vision. This beautiful but extremely rare crystal helps you explore the inner reaches of your self and reconnect to your soul knowing. (Note: Herkimers combine particularly well with Shungite for environmental healing.)

Herkimer Diamond


Place a Herkimer on your third eye to enhance telepathic communication and spiritual vision, and attune you to the highest source of soul guidance.