The Power of Karmic Justice: Idocrase (Vesuvianite)

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The Power of Karmic Justice: Idocrase (Vesuvianite)

Chakra correspondences: Third eye, heart

Physiological correspondences: Teeth, bones, sense of smell, assimilation of nutrients

Vibration: Earthy to high


In crystal lore, Idocrase is known as Vesuvianite as it was first found in rocks thrown out of Mount Vesuvius. This powerful crystal helps you follow your heart’s desire, rather than that of your ego or karma.

Karmic debts need not be paid to those with whom they arose, but can be mitigated by service given as an act of soul intention. Idocrase lets you take a new direction of service to your fellow beings, making nonspecific restitution and assisting the evolution of the whole. If nothing more can be achieved through a karmic connection, Idocrase facilitates graceful release. When forgiving those with whom you have karma, you release your bond to the karmic wheel. Idocrase helps you embrace life circumstances that arose from karmic necessity or your soul’s choice. It also assists you in giving service willingly to those who are learning compassion or empathy through situations of abuse, trauma, or alienation.

Useful for healing the past—especially one constrained by external circumstances, guilt, or your own mental beliefs—Idocrase sets your soul free to pursue a new pathway. It releases fear so you can stand up for what is right. By gently dissolving toxic emotions, such as anger or guilt, Idocrase helps you build an energetically stable inner core. Idocrase relates to Archangel Zadkiel.


Under the power of sympathetic magic, Idocrase’s calcium-magnesium formula strengthens bones and tooth enamel. It energetically assists the assimilation of nutrients and vitamins. Sniffing up Idocrase-infused water (a variation of an ancient yogic tradition that uses saltwater) may restore your sense of smell.


Idocrase builds a bridge to the higher self, enabling it to offer information to the soul in incarnation. By suspending judgment and clearing old beliefs and ingrained patterns, the stone opens your mind to universal wisdom. It is especially helpful in clearing beliefs instilled by others or where paying lip service to others’ beliefs blocks greater insight.

This powerful crystal stimulates your urge to learn about the multidimensions that surround the physical world. It helps disconnect the ego’s drive to be powerful and successful in the outer world, turning your attention to inner growth and attuning your will to your higher self. The higher self carries knowledge of why your soul is in incarnation at this time. When you suspend judgment of your karma or that of others, you recognize the universal justice and gifts in all you experience.

Idocrase (Vesuvianite)


Meditate with Idocrase to identify and release outmoded soul imperatives and to recognize the ultimate fairness of karmic justice.