The Power of Loving Thought: Kunzite (Spodumene)

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The Power of Loving Thought: Kunzite (Spodumene)

Chakra correspondences: Heart, higher heart (thymus), heart seed, throat, third eye

Physiological correspondences: Brain chemistry, circulatory system and heart, thymus, immune system, etheric bodies

Vibration: High


Early in the twentieth century, American gemologist G. F. Kunz named lilac-pink Kunzite after himself; the green form was named Hiddenite after W. E. Hidden, who had found it earlier in North Carolina. Kunz noted its unusual property of absorbing light and then giving it out in the darkness. He suggests this is due to minute quantities of manganese or uranium salts in its composition, which absorb the ultraviolet spectrum. A dichroic crystal, its color changes in different lights. You literally see things in a different light with Kunzite.

Kunzite exemplifies the principle by which a minute amount of a substance vibrationally assists the condition that in a larger dose it causes. The stone contains lithium, traditionally used to stabilize bipolar disorder. However, lithium must be closely monitored—an overdose is highly toxic and depresses the brain. Crystal workers heal psychiatric disorders, emotional stress, and depression with Kunzite. The crystal or Kunzite-infused water conveys vibrational information from the traces of lithium and aluminum in the stone to the recipient. Kunzite also acts as a “radionic witness,” a surrogate for a person being healed at a distance. Use it to cleanse and shield your auric bodies from unwanted influences.

Kunzite resonates with the heart and heart chakra chambers. Placed over the heart seed chakra, Kunzite opens and activates the temple of the inner self. It assists in remembering your soul and reveals the purpose of incarnation. Placed on the higher heart chakra, it brings the heart, throat, and third eye chakras into alignment to facilitate self-expression.


In modern crystal work, Kunzite is used for emotional and mental healing by placing the crystal over appropriate chakras, as a grid around the body, or as Kunzite-infused water. Kept in the pocket, placed on the solar plexus, or worn around the neck, it quickly calms panic attacks or chronic anxiety. To heal heartache or to support the circulatory system, place it over the heart chakra; put it over the thymus to energetically strengthen the immune system. Use Kunzite after receiving anesthesia to remove vibrational residue from the etheric body.


Kunzite sends out loving thoughts and supports you in selfless service to humanity. Lilac Kunzite acts as a celestial doorway and assists transitions; Hiddenite facilitates the transfer of knowledge from the higher mind. It helps people who put on a brave face, encouraging them to accept support from others. Heart, mind, and soul become tranquil under Kunzite’s calming influence.

Kunzite (Spodumene)


To resolve a conflict with yourself or someone else, hold Kunzite and picture its gentle energy radiating around you and out into the world.