The Power of Cosmic Correspondence: Lapis Lazuli

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The Power of Cosmic Correspondence: Lapis Lazuli

Chakra correspondences: Throat, third eye, soma, crown

Physiological correspondences: Immune system, eyes, nervous and respiratory systems, bone marrow, throat, thyroid gland, larynx, ears, blood

Vibration: High


Lapis Lazuli represented the night sky and the power of the gods to the ancient Egyptians. The Primeval Ocean tells us, “Lapis is the god and the god is Lapis,” and the stone symbolizes cosmic correspondence. What is below is a reflection of what is above, carrying the same powers and sharing the same energetic signature.

Transported from a remote mine in Afghanistan, Lapis symbolized royal power for eons. In Mesopotamian legend, the goddess Inanna (Venus) wore her Lapis regalia when she went into the underworld to comfort her sister-goddess whose husband had died:

From the Great Above the goddess opened her ear to the Great Below . . .

Inanna abandoned heaven and earth to descend to the underworld . . .

She tied the small lapis beads around her neck.

Let the double strand of beads fall to her breast . . .

And took the lapis measuring rod and line in her hand.

The Lapis rod measured the natural world’s cycles, and Inanna’s beads symbolized eternal life. In the underworld, she was stripped, flayed, and hung on a peg. We can interpret this myth in many ways. Pragmatically, it depicts seasonal changes or the temporary disappearance of Venus as it transforms from the evening to the morning star. Psychologically, it represents the death of the ego. Spiritually, it describes the soul’s journey to Earth, an initiation ritual of dying to the old self, or even a basic chakra cleansing as Inanna is stripped of seven items. The myth signifies that rebirth follows death and the spirit can be transformed—a process facilitated by Lapis Lazuli, which stores the energy of the core self. Lapis is the stone of Archangel Michael.


In ancient Egyptian medicine, Lapis enhanced the expectation of a cure; today we recognize this as the “placebo effect,” which encourages healing. The Ebers Papyrus says Lapis cured eye dis-eases and prevented miscarriage. The Alfonso lapidary also says powdered Lapis was applied to the eyes or drunk as a potion to purge “thick humors” and melancholy. It was also given as a remedy for bladder pain and to regulate menstrual courses. Crystal workers today utilize its copper-based power to alleviate pain, induce detoxification, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the immune system.


Lapis’s high electrical conductivity channels the pureness of being, sensitizing you to higher vibrations. By transmuting mental and emotional blockages, Lapis sets your soul free to express itself fully.

Lapis Lazuli


Meditate with Lapis to stimulate your third eye, facilitate metaphysical sight, and access inner truth. With this stone, you are literally in heaven on Earth.