The Power of the Wise Feminine: Menalite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of the Wise Feminine: Menalite

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral, past life

Physiological correspondences: Breasts, hormonal production, endocrine and female reproductive systems

Vibration: Earthy


Holding the wise feminine and priestess power, Menalite connects you to the Earth Mother. This stone’s Flint-like center provides stability during ritual work, especially rites of passage or fertility rituals. Excellent for shamanic journeying, it invites in power animals. Working with Menalite constructs a shamanic anchor that links your feet into the Earth and helps you feel at home on the planet.

Menalite reminds you that in ancient times, menstruation was a sacred process. Menstrual blood was offered to the goddess to ensure continued fertility and stabilize creation. The menstrual hut was sacred, a place of solitude and sisterhood where women dreamt their dreams. Divination and prophecy held sway. That sacredness has been lost, along with respect for the Crone, the female elder of the tribe whose wisdom was honored.

This stone assists in regaining respect and understanding of the sacred wisdom held in blood. Menalite guards and guides the soul as it incarnates, from conception through pregnancy to birth and on through the rites of passage that mark the stages of womanhood: child, maiden, mother, crone.


By solidifying the core energy field, Menalite assists during puberty and menopause by adjusting and rebalancing your subtle hormonal system, and provides psychological support in times of change. The stone energetically guards a mother and unborn child through pregnancy to birth, then encourages mother-child bonding and increased lactation. Hold Menalite during night sweats or hot flashes to draw out heat and moisture, calm the energy body, and promote restful sleep. At a psychological level, Menalite comforts women who have lost children or who are suffering from empty-nest syndrome.


This stone aids transformational work during transition stages of life: birth, puberty, menopause, and death. By removing fear, it lets you feel part of the power of creation and the endless cycles of life. It also aids in calling back and reintegrating fragments of your soul. Menalite helps you free yourself from family curses and past conditioning, removing their influence on you and breaking cycles of addiction or abuse. It assists in transforming dysfunctional families into harmonious units, although this work requires the guidance of a qualified therapist. If you have been affected by issues such as female circumcision, or if cultural attitudes about menstruation have made you feel unclean, Menalite reinstates your female power. With its assistance, you birth your true wisewoman self.



Put Menalite under your pillow to reconnect to the ancient feminine wisdom within the stone. Let it accompany you through the great transitions of life.