The Power of the Akashic Record: Merlinite

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The Power of the Akashic Record: Merlinite

Chakra correspondences: Past life, soma, third eye, higher heart (thymus)

Physiological correspondences: Neurotransmitters; nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems; etheric bodies; works mostly at a nonphysical level

Vibration: High to very high (Mystic Merlinite)


Containing eons of shamanic wisdom, Merlinite links into soul destiny and the Akashic Record. In Mesopotamia, the Record was known as the Tablets of Destinies. In Egypt, the god Thoth recorded actions, thoughts, and motives that were presented at the weighing of the heart ritual after death. The Jews had a “Book of Life,” the Christians a Recording Angel, the Greeks the goddess Nemesis who ruled fate. In India, the Akasha, Sanskrit meaning “cosmic sky,” was a nonphysical plane of existence where all human history was encoded.

The Record can be viewed as a hologram of everything that is and might be; our souls carry small pieces of the hologram. We play out the destinies we planned for ourselves in the space between lives, although this plan may be affected by accrued karma and outdated soul plans. By accessing the Akashic Record, we can see what we have been and what we might be, our potential futures depending on the choices we make now.

In science, the connectivity hypothesis suggests a subquantum energy field exists in which everything that happens is holographically—and permanently—recorded. Quantum physics also shows how future possibilities are encoded in this field. Merlinite facilitates connection to this cosmic memory field and to your soul’s journey.


Crystal workers use Merlinite to balance mind, body, and spirit, and to bring masculine and feminine energies into equilibrium. It realigns neurotransmitters to accommodate expanded vibrational energy. Merlinite’s greatest gift is karmic healing.


Merlinite helps you release the past and access the future. Placed on the past life chakras, it lets you see habitual patterns, past conditioning, and sources of karmic wounds. It helps you respond anew instead of with a conditioned reaction. Moments of great emotional trauma and soul dramas make the biggest impression on the Record. With the aid of a skilled past-life worker and Merlinite, you can reframe such scenes into a different outcome or discover the deeper meaning behind an apparently false scenario, as it is possible to tune into a historical event without actually having been there. By revealing why you choose the relationships you do, Merlinite attunes you to the various potential futures existing in each moment, each outcome stemming from a different choice. Mystic Merlinite takes you into ever-higher dimensions of your soul.



Place Merlinite over your third eye to see the potential outcomes of choices you have to make in your present life.