The Power of the Cosmos: Moldavite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of the Cosmos: Moldavite

Chakra correspondences: All

Physiological correspondences: Lightbody, underlying psychosomatic causes

Vibration: High when genuine (artificially created Moldavite has no power and the characteristic “energy rush” of Moldavite is not present)


Eleven million years ago, Moldavite burst onto Earth with enormous force as a giant meteor strike metamorphosed rock into a glass-like substance, fusing the power of the sky with that of Mother Earth. A metaphor for cosmic transformation, Moldavite was one of the highest vibration crystals for expanding consciousness, but it has now been surpassed. If you already work with high vibrations, you may have moved beyond Moldavite. However, its vibrations have recently been uplifted, and if you are new to crystals, it is a useful first step to higher-dimensional crystal working.

Many myths tell of a stone falling to Earth. In Eschenbach’s Parzival, the Holy Grail was a green stone that fell from the sky, and many crystal authorities link Moldavite with the Grail. Another legend says that a green stone dropped from Satan’s crown as he tumbled from heaven, a symbol of divine light falling to Earth. In the original myth, God’s favorite angel was not evil, he was the light-bringer, as is Moldavite. Prized as a carrier of cosmic wisdom, it puts you in touch with higher guidance, planetary and star beings, ascended masters, and cosmic messengers.

More than twenty-five thousand years ago, the people of Eastern Europe used Moldavite as a talisman to enhance fertility and good fortune and fashioned tools from it. The stone is becoming rare.


Most people feel a rush of energy through their physical bodies when holding Moldavite. Rather than dealing with dis-ease itself, Moldavite focuses your attention on the cause. It helps to rectify underlying imbalances that create dis-ease and impede spiritual evolution. Grounding stones may be needed as Moldavite can cause dizziness.

If you are a star child who finds Earth’s vibration heavy and inert, Moldavite adjusts your vibration to bring more cosmic energy down into your body, so you feel more at home at Earth while simultaneously transmuting Earth energy into cosmic light.


A crystal of karmic and soul transformation, Moldavite downloads information from the Akashic Record and instills cosmic consciousness. It takes you back into your past to reconnect to your previous wisdom and soul purpose, and into the future to access what you need for your soul’s evolution. Then it lets you put that knowledge into practice in the present. (Note: if you are sensitive or unaccustomed to high-vibration crystals, wear or use Moldavite sparingly until an energetic adjustment is made.)



Meditate with Moldavite on your third eye to connect to the highest planes of consciousness and become one with the cosmos.