The Power of Fertility: Moss Agate

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Fertility: Moss Agate

Chakra correspondences: Earth, base, sacral, throat

Physiological correspondences: Lymphatic, cellular, circulatory, reproductive and nervous systems, neurotransmitters, eyes, joints, heart

Vibration: Earthy


Moss Agate is the Mocha Stone mentioned in ancient lapidaries and was highly prized in the ancient world for its therapeutic and talismanic properties. As Moss Agate contains particles of iron, it was considered protective. The Persians believed it conferred eloquence of speech, in addition to the generic properties of Agate.

Under the doctrine of signatures (meaning a thing that resembles something else holds, through its energetic signature, the same properties and offers a remedy for the condition), Moss Agate is in sympathy with nature. It aids people affected by extreme weather allergies or environmental pollutants. Moss Agate has long been believed to be connected to agriculture and devas, nature spirits who live within the Earth and govern plant growth. The devas’ united field of intelligence incorporates air, earth, water, and fire. They reside at the energetic boundary where consciousness births itself into matter, and they facilitate that process.

Using Moss Agate while a crop was sown transferred fertility to the plants, ensuring a good yield. As the Lithica tells us, “If the same be tied to the horns of thine oxen when ploughing, or about the ploughman’s sturdy arm, wheat-crowned Ceres shall descend from heaven with full lap upon thy furrows.” Traditionally a “wet” stone, Moss Agate brought rain and ensured the right amount fell for crops to flourish.


Early midwives used Moss Agate in birthing work to reduce pain and encourage a safe delivery. In Chinese medicine, Moss Agate has long been employed to dispel confusion, and crystal workers use it to stabilize and strengthen the mind. Early medicine prescribed Moss Agate for the eyes. Physicians ground up medicinal powders on palettes made from Moss Agate, which transferred infinitesimal amounts of magnesium, manganese, and iron from the stone to the potion. Magnesium is necessary for enzyme functioning, energy transfer, healthy bones, and the proper working of muscles, nerves, and tissue. An anti-inflammatory, Moss Agate is used today to energetically heal the lymphatic system and dehydration, to heal skin and fungal infections, and to realign neurotransmitters.


A stone of new beginnings, Moss Agate helps you birth new projects and attract abundance. Its dual action assists people who are overly caught up in their feelings to be more objective, and lets those with overly intellectual minds get in touch with their feelings. (See Agate, page 20.)

Moss Agate


Meditate with Moss Agate to reveal the core cause of a problem and gain the persistence required to overcome the situation.