The Power of Spiritual Alchemy: Nirvana Quartz

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Spiritual Alchemy: Nirvana Quartz

Chakra correspondences: Soul star, stellar gateway, and beyond

Physiological correspondences: Subtle biomagnetic fields, energy meridians, the lightbody

Vibration: Exceptionally high


Nirvana is one of the highest vibration Quartzes yet discovered. A crystal of spiritual alchemy, it attunes the flame of pure consciousness to the soul star chakra so that the light of expansion and enlightenment flows through the body and into the Earth.

The ancient Greek poet Orpheus tells us that Quartz is “the translucent image of the Eternal Light.” Pliny attributes the formation of Quartz to the intense freezing of ice, and Claudianius called it “ice hardened into stone, which no frost could congeal nor dog-star [Sirius] dry up.” Nirvana Quartz’s scrunched and crumpled appearance makes it clear how such a belief came about. It looks exactly like compressed ice—appropriate given that Nirvana Quartz was born out of retreating glaciers high in the Himalayas and has a metaphysical connection to Sirius, one of the brightest stars.

Nirvana Quartz exists at the energetic interface between matter and consciousness, mind and body. Tibetan Buddhists prize it for deepening meditation. Being in the presence of Nirvana Quartz reveals that it is a true crystal of enlightenment and reminds us

The whole process of life is characterized as constant flux. Life is not static, but dynamic, and all moments of existence are intermediate states, even between two different states in the process of transformation. To recognize the changeable nature of the whole empirical world means to see its deceptive insubstantiality. Then there opens up the path to the unchangeable.

Buddhist Sutra


Although found to be effective against chilblains, Nirvana Quartz works mostly beyond the physical level to create an enlightened heart, mind, and soul. Acting as an energetic bridge between a healer and a distant recipient, it assists a surrogate who is standing in for someone who needs soul retrieval or entity disconnection. However, this work requires an experienced healer. Nirvana Quartz may instigate a healing catharsis as the physical and subtle bodies are purified and karma released. Place Smoky Elestial Quartz at your feet to facilitate transmutation of energies set free by the process of spiritual alchemy.


With Nirvana Quartz, you become aware that you are a spiritual being on a human journey and your task is to bring divine light into the world to shift the perceptions of consensual reality into spiritual truth. (Note: Nirvana Quartz is often sold as Ice or Growth Interference Quartz, although there are subtle energetic differences between the different crystals.)

Nirvana Quartz


Meditate with Nirvana Quartz to induce a bliss-like state of unconditional love combined with pure mind in which the divine infuses the physical realm.