The Power to Cut Cords: Novaculite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power to Cut Cords: Novaculite

Chakra correspondences: Crown, soul star, stellar gateway; removes cords from and realigns all chakras

Physiological correspondences: Cellular structures, skin, etheric body

Vibration: Earthy and extremely high


Novaculite is similar to Flint and shares that stone’s properties, including the ability to open portals to other worlds. For more than three thousand years, the ancient peoples of America created tools and decorative jewelry from this microcrystalline Quartz.

A useful adjunct to shamanic journeying, Novaculite hones your soul. It scours away all that is outworn and outgrown, especially cords that subtly bind you to the past. Having freed and realigned the chakras, it pulls spiritual energy down into your body. Novaculite harmonizes well with Nuummite to remove the effects of ancient sorcery and present-life curses, but it is best used by a qualified crystal worker.


Novaculite’s very fine vibration aids multidimensional and environmental healing. Its focused beam of intense light rejigs the etheric blueprint so the physical body can come into a new alignment. Working mainly at the level of psyche and soul, Novaculite adjusts cellular memory and restructures genetic codes. At a psychological level, it reveals the reasons behind obsessive-compulsive disorders and balances bipolar swings. Washing with Novaculite-infused water is thought to maintain the elasticity of healthy skin and remove warts. Gridding Novaculite repairs and reenergizes the Earth’s etheric matrix, restoring the flow of electromagnetic currents.


Novaculite means “razor,” and this stone was traditionally used to sharpen tools; however, modern crystal workers use it to hone the soul. Inappropriate connections to the past can be detrimental to your physical energy and soul growth. If you are bound to another soul through past-life experiences, contracts, agreements, previous vows and promises, or a present-life interaction that has run its course, Novaculite lets you cut the cords between you. It reframes contracts into a more appropriate agenda or none at all. Particularly useful for higher-chakra cord-cutting, Novaculite sets you free to be who you are meant to be in the here and now. The stone teaches you to set appropriate boundaries: flexible and caring, yet resistant to energetic invasion or abuse.

No matter how traumatic a situation you may have endured, Novaculite identifies the gift in the experience. It helps you look to the stars and contact angelic guidance.

This stone smoothes the rough edges of a discordant personality and instills a quietly confident approach to life. If you tend to dwell on problems, Novaculite teaches you to give attention to solutions. (Caution: Novaculite shards can be extremely sharp.)



Sweep Novaculite away from the physical body to cut through subtle energetic ties that bind you to the past and seal where they’ve been.