The Power of Creativity: Orange Kyanite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Creativity: Orange Kyanite

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral; energizes and aligns all chakras

Physiological correspondences: Brain, especially the cerebellum, throat, adrenal glands, urogenital system, blood pressure, motor function

Vibration: High


Orange Kyanite is an exciting find from Tanzania that looks like crystallized sunshine and fizzes with energy. It potentizes your personal creative power and manifestation abilities. The color comes from manganese; the golden “scales” are mica, which refines and radiates high-frequency energy. This vibrant form of Kyanite grounds ideas in the everyday world. All Kyanites are excellent amplifiers and transmitters of energy, but Orange reaches a very high vibration indeed, helping you delve deeply into your psyche to find and release causal connections behind karmic or creative blockages.

Orange Kyanite also lets you look within to find the roots of your passion and pleasure. It energizes the sacral chakra, the center of procreation and acceptance of yourself as a sexual being, bringing success to all creative endeavors. If the sacral chakra is blocked, low self-esteem and a sense of inferiority result, which may be hidden behind cruelty, pomposity, jealousy, or general sluggishness. Infertility or inability to put plans into action indicates that hooks from other people, especially from sexual encounters, may be blocking the sacral chakra. Orange Kyanite energetically detaches these and heals the site.

Orange Kyanite opens, cleanses, and infuses all the chakras with light. It opens psychic channels, facilitates higher attunement, and brings spiritual energy into manifestation. Negativity cannot stick to Kyanite. It dispels karmic blockages that hold you back, especially those arising from past-life sexual experiences or beliefs.

Kyanite is sometimes called disthene, meaning “twice,” because it has positive and negative electrical polarity. This stone activates the positive dragon (or kundalini) energy within the universe.


Apply Orange Kyanite to the meridians and organs of the belly to energetically dissolve underlying dis-ease, the effects of which may include PMS, muscle cramps, impotence, infertility, allergies, diabetes, liver or intestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel, chronic back pain, and urinary infections. This stone also helps reveal the hidden causes of addictions and eating disorders, reprogramming the brain to have a more functional approach to the body.


With the assistance of Orange Kyanite, you operate from a higher level of creativity because you are in touch with the manifestation forces of the universe. You program your lightbody to operate in the everyday world with minimum effort and maximum effect. You literally create a new world.

Orange Kyanite


Place Orange Kyanite over the sacral chakra five minutes a day to become an assertive, creative, confident person who takes pleasure in life and love.