The Power of Right Action: Paraiba Tourmaline

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Right Action: Paraiba Tourmaline

Chakra correspondences: Stellar gateway, heart seed, heart, higher heart (thymus), third eye; aligns all chakras and seals the aura

Physiological correspondences: Stomach, throat, eyes, jaw, thyroid gland, filtration organs, and metabolic, immune, and hormonal systems

Vibration: Very high


Radiant Paraiba Tourmaline polarizes light and shines it into the recesses of your heart and soul, lighting up your inner being. Generic Tourmaline’s properties are unique in the mineral kingdom; most were only identified in the eighteenth century, and many were not accepted at that time. The ensuing scientific argument was finally settled by experiments, illustrating how truth must be tested against existing beliefs and, if appropriate, those beliefs must be amended.

Some of Tourmaline’s qualities seem almost magical. If, for instance, two slices of Tourmaline are laid on top of each other with their axes parallel, they appear transparent when viewed from one direction, but opaque when seen from another. Tourmaline also has double refraction and exhibits remarkable electrical activity when heated or excited by friction. If the crystal is broken, the ends act like the polarities of a magnet.

Tourmaline’s dichroism explains why Paraiba may appear green or purple when viewed from different angles. This stone is sought after for its vibrant, copper-based blue-green color. Many faceted Paraibas have been heat-treated to bring out the intense color, a magical feat of crystal alchemy.


Paraiba works mostly at the emotional and spiritual levels, encouraging forgiveness and releasing bitterness in the heart. Physically, it acts as an energetic tonic and may assist filtration. Crystal workers use it to calm sore throats and swollen glands, alleviate hay fever, and stimulate the thyroid. Green Tourmalines are traditionally used to heal the eyes and to stimulate the body’s cleansing and elimination systems. Paraiba is excellent for removing pollutants from the subtle energy bodies.


Paraiba works its magical transformations on several levels. A stone of compassionate being, it stimulates the radiant heart, opening the heart seed chakra and bringing unconditional love into the Earth plane. It teaches you how to love yourself and others from the soul’s perspective. Stimulating spiritual evolution by opening the stellar gateway, it identifies where you have strayed from your truth, bringing you back to the path of awareness and facilitating expression of your true feelings. If outdated, ingrained beliefs, karmic wounds, or mental constructs are blocking the way, Paraiba gently dissolves them and helps you forgive yourself and others.

Paraiba Tourmaline


Place Paraiba Tourmaline over the past life chakra for a few minutes each day to bring unfinished business to its natural conclusion.