The Power of Manifestation: Peridot (Chrysolite)

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The Power of Manifestation: Peridot (Chrysolite)

Chakra correspondences: Heart, solar plexus

Physiological correspondences: Eyes, heart, thymus, lungs, skin, spleen, gallbladder, intestines, digestive system, metabolic processes

Vibration: Earthy to high


In the eighth century, the Archbishop of Mainz called Peridot one of the twelve Apostolic gems ensuring “true spiritual preaching accompanied by miracles.” The thirteenth-century Book of Wings tells us that a talisman of Peridot carved with a vulture “constrains demons and the wind.” It forced the demons to cease their importuning and put them under the wearer’s control—a tradition dating from Greco-Roman times and earlier.

According to Pliny, in ancient Rome, Peridot was preferred above any other stone. Allegedly, it was the largest gemstone and, being soft, could be shaped with an iron file. Although it was discovered before Pliny’s time, he passed on information collected over millennia. He tells us that piratical Troglodytes, or cave dwellers, exhausted from storms and hunger, came ashore on an Arabian island. While digging for roots, they unearthed a Peridot. Since then, the stone has been highly regarded for its power of manifestation. Almost certainly one of the stones from the Breastplate of the High Priest and a foundation for the New Jerusalem, Peridot is a stone for Archangel Raphael and rules the realm of Angelic Virtues.


The magician Agrippa tells us that in German High Magic, a Peridot held to the sun “shines forth a golden star,” comforting the respiratory system and healing asthma. Peridot had a reputation for healing eye diseases. Traditionally used to strengthen contractions, it promoted a painless birth. Peridot is a powerful energetic cleanser on all levels. Modern crystal workers use it to energetically balance the swings of bipolar disorder and to overcome hypochondria; it may also strengthen and detox blood-rich organs.


Agrippa suggests that a Peridot bound to the left arm drives away “idle imaginations and melancholy fears, putting away foolishness.” It has long been used to overcome psychiatric disturbances and cut psychological bonds to achieve mental clarity. It detaches your mind from external influences and clears negative thought patterns, teaching you how to find your inner guidance and access the wisdom of the higher mind. If you tend to blame others, Peridot insists you take responsibility for yourself. If you suffer from spite, jealousy, or resentment, meditating with Peridot instills confidence in your own abilities and teaches you to be content with your lot. A crystal of forgiveness and insight, it also helps you admit mistakes and overcome psychological lethargy. If you have lost your sense of direction, wearing Peridot reconnects you to your destiny.

Peridot (Chrysolite)


Draw a five-pointed star. Place Peridots on each point and a picture of what you wish to manifest in the center. Concentrate, then withdraw attention.