The Power of Cosmic Consciousness: Petalite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Cosmic Consciousness: Petalite

Chakra correspondences: Soul star, stellar gateway, crown, soma, third eye

Physiological correspondences: Subtle bodies, respiratory, cellular memory, triple burner meridian, eyes, intestines, metabolic and endocrine systems

Vibration: Exceptionally high


Walt Whitman described cosmic consciousness as “ineffable light, light rare, untellable, light beyond all signs, descriptions and languages,” a definition that fits Petalite. With this ethereal crystal, you move beyond the personal “I” of human perception and merge with all knowing. Holding it creates a safe space in which to open higher awareness and obtain profound metaphysical insights. Often known as “the Angel stone,” Petalite connects you with the angelic realm and ascended masters.

By opening the third eye and linking the throat and crown chakras, Petalite lets you share your enhanced spiritual insight and ultimate truth. Its powerful karmic clearing effect purifies all the subtle bodies; it is extremely effective as crystal-infused water rubbed over the past life and soma chakras. Petalite promotes ancestral and family healing—its effects go back through generations to a time before the dysfunction was created. It then takes the new energy into the future, so a pristine functional pattern can be set in place.

If you need to cut ties with your family or release previous relationships to clear karma and outgrown expectations so that unconditional love and forgiveness can flow in, hold pink Petalite while you visualize the ties being dissolved. Call in your higher self and the other person’s to explain why you are cutting these ties. Petalite assures you the process will not cut off unconditional soul love between you; your higher self ensures the cutting is effected at higher frequencies as well as that of the Earth plane. Both souls can then go forward, free to be as they are meant to be.


Petalite works beyond the physical level to harmonize the metaphysical activity of the pineal and pituitary glands. It aligns the metabolic system to higher frequencies, adjusts cellular memory, and purifies the subtle bodies.

For people with cancer or AIDS, Petalite facilitates understanding the spiritual reasons for taking on dis-ease. It energetically activates cell membranes to manifest wellness, and gently dissolves resistance to transition. Crystal healers use it to heal eyes, lungs, muscles, and intestines. Because it contains lithium, Petalite energetically ameliorates depression. This powerful emotional healer gently dissolves feelings of abandonment and alienation, and brings you home to your true soul family.


By connecting you to cosmic consciousness, Petalite makes you aware of the breadth of your soul and of higher realities. This gentle crystal rapidly accelerates your spiritual evolution.



Meditating with Petalite brings divine light and cosmic consciousness into the physical plane, speeding up the evolution of humanity and the Earth itself.