The Power of Serenity: Amethyst

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Serenity: Amethyst

Chakra correspondences: Third eye, crown, soma, soul star, stellar gateway, and beyond

Physiological correspondences: Cellular and metabolic processes, endocrine function, hormone regulation, neural transmission, brain harmonization, immune system, blood, skin, respiratory and digestive tracts, skin, psychosomatic disorders

Vibration: High (Vera Cruz, Brandenberg, Amethyst Elestial, and Sirius Amethyst have exceptionally high vibrations)


Amethyst means “sincerity” and “freedom from harm.” Symbolizing wisdom, deep love, devotion, and peace of mind, the stone was worn historically by royalty to signify power. Amethyst’s legendary power protected against drunkenness—the name literally means “not drunk.” Ancient Romans drank wine from amethyst cups, and for millennia people wore Amethysts to prevent intoxication.

Amethyst’s color comes from iron, but according to Greek mythology, the god of wine, Bacchus, was offended by Diana, the huntress. In revenge, he declared that the first person he met in the forest would be eaten by his tiger. A beautiful maiden called Amethyst was on her way to worship at the shrine of Diana when she met the tiger. Calling on the goddess to save her, she turned into a sparkling white crystal. Repenting, Bacchus poured wine over her, producing the stone’s characteristic purple hue.

Amethyst is one of the stones in the Breastplate of the High Priest and a stone for Archangel Raphael. It is worn in the Christian church to signify high rank, victory over worldly passion, and spiritual power. According to the eighth-century Archbishop of Mainz, Amethyst instills in humble souls the constant thought of heaven.


Amethyst’s vibrations remove subtle dis-ease. An effective tranquilizer, it helps you understand the source of addictions. Traditionally, Amethyst was bound to the forehead to heal headaches, and modern-day crystal workers use Amethyst to calm anxiety and draw off physical or psychological pain. It balances the subtle endocrine system, regulating hormone production. The stone may aid psychosomatic diseases of the digestive tract by transmuting whatever is, metaphorically, hard to swallow. It reduces swelling anywhere on the body.

An Amethyst geode or cluster is an excellent tool for space clearing or Earth healing, as it absorbs negativity and infuses an area with tranquility. Amethyst blocks geopathic stress and electromagnetic frequencies.


Amethyst opens your third eye and clarifies spiritual vision. By creating a safe sacred space for meditation and multidimensional exploration, it clears your mind and aids enlightenment. High-vibration Amethysts, such as Vera Cruz, act on an altogether different level. Placed on the soul star or stellar gateway chakra, they stimulate your soul to remember its origins and facilitate multidimensional cellular healing. By detaching you from unwanted entities, thought forms, or mental constructs, Amethyst dispels illusions that prevent you from experiencing true reality. It helps you dream a new world into being.



Place an Amethyst above your head, point toward you, and one on your forehead, pointing down. Feel peace radiating through your body.