The Mover and Shaker: Phenacite in Red Feldspar

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Mover and Shaker: Phenacite in Red Feldspar

Chakra correspondences: Opens, heals, and activates all chakras to a high level

Physiological correspondences: Etheric blueprint, muscles

Vibration: Earthy and exceedingly high


Phenacite in Red Feldspar is an exciting stone with enormous power to facilitate lifechanging shifts and open endless possibilities. This rare and powerful synergistic combination unites the high vibrations and profound spiritual insight of Phenacite with the grounded vibrations of Red Feldspar to anchor information into the material world. It steps down the highest of frequencies to a level accessible to Earth, while protecting the pure essence of the transmission. The effect is greater than individual stones but, if the combination isn’t available, two individual stones can work together. Choose a Phenacite that you feel has the strongest vibration, as crystals from various locations interact differently according to your own level of attunement.

Phenacite (on the left in this photo) was known as “the deceiver,” as it was often mistaken for Diamond. Few were found outside Russia before the nineteenth century, when Phenacites from a Colorado find were cut into brilliant gemstones. Its value has risen dramatically in the last few decades as its exceedingly high vibration has been recognized.

Phenacite crystals are doubly refractive—they help you see into the heart of a matter and bring information from the highest reaches of consciousness into the material world. Connecting to ascended masters and the Akashic Record, the crystal is particularly useful for dream work; the combination stone unravels the deeper meaning of a prophetic dream.

Earthy Red Feldspar works on the physical and subtle bodies to release the ingrained patterns of the past held within the etheric blueprint. It prepares the physical body for a more dynamic and active way of being.


This stone works mainly at the energetic level to heal the etheric blueprint, effecting multidimensional cellular healing and settling that within the physical body through enhanced neural transmission. Placed on the back of the neck, the combination enhances memory and may benefit muscular problems.


If you’ve been hesitant to begin your spiritual path, this combination gets you moving—but it also knows about right timing. It instigates action that is perfectly attuned to your highest good. I nicknamed it “Kick Ass” because it does exactly that. If something is stuck in your life, this combination ejects unwanted visitors (physical or discarnate) and rapidly dissolves blockages, triggering your soul purpose and drastically changing your reality. It teaches that spiritual evolution is a joyful process.

Phenacite in Red Feldspar


This combination accelerates your consciousness to lift off into the lightness of being. Obstacles in your life will melt away.