The Power of Animal Healing: Poppy Jasper

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Animal Healing: Poppy Jasper

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral, solar plexus; aligns all chakras and strengthens the aura

Physiological correspondences: Circulation, digestion, sexual function, reproductive organs, liver, bile ducts, mineral assimilation

Vibration: Earthy


Poppy Jasper’s red spots within the colorful Jasper matrix give it the appearance of a field of poppies. It symbolizes remembrance. Its energizing effect can be gentle or intense. Jasper was sacred to the native peoples of America and has always been known as a stone of protection. Poppy Jasper is particularly useful for repelling stalkers and releasing the ties of previous relationships.


Poppy Jasper is believed to regulate excessive bleeding, whether from wounds or menstrual flow. It is an excellent energizer in situations that call for a stronger flow of Qi through the body or when the pulse needs to be stabilized. Placed over the liver or bile duct, Poppy Jasper dissolves energetic blockages. Placed over the base and sacral chakras, it is said to counteract impotence, assist birth, and help release psychological causes that inhibit orgasm. Poppy Jasper placed over the fallopian tubes assists conception when psychosomatic blockages in the tubes inhibit the sperm’s movement or when the sperm themselves are energetically sluggish. Poppy Jasper calms excessive libido and also clears frustration from unrequited lust. Conversely, it stimulates passion and strengthens a depleted libido.

Your pet can wear Poppy Jasper as an amulet against dis-ease (enclose the stone in a strong wire wrap so your pet doesn’t swallow it). You can distantly heal an animal by placing the stone over the appropriate organs and chakras on the owner’s body. In many animals, dis-ease is psychosomatic; the animal takes on the owner’s toxic feelings, blockages, and projections. If a disease is psychosomatic, healing the owner heals the animal. Subtle dis-ease, which ultimately becomes physical, may result if the animal absorbs energies that would be detrimental to its owner; for example, cats may choose to sit in a place of strong geopathic or electromagnetic stress and absorb the resulting disharmony, protecting their owners. Gridding around an animal’s sleeping place with large Poppy Jasper may be beneficial—the stones need frequent cleansing and may have to be supported with Smoky Quartz or Black Tourmaline.


Use Poppy Jasper if you are faced with an unjust situation or need to deal with a problem before it becomes too advanced. By insisting that you be honest with yourself about the source of the situation, it helps to strengthen your assertive qualities and gives you the stamina to persevere until a satisfactory solution is found.

Poppy Jasper


Kept in your pocket or under your pillow, Poppy Jasper speeds recovery during illness, convalescence, or hospitalization.