Awesome Power: Que Sera (Llanite/Llanoite)

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

Awesome Power: Que Sera (Llanite/Llanoite)

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral, stellar gateway; activates the higher sacral chakra in the dantien

Physiological correspondences: Subtle energy systems and meridians of the subtle and physical bodies, all the organs and systems of the physical body

Vibration: Earthy and simultaneously extremely high


A synergistic conglomerate from Brazil, Que Sera contains blue quartz, feldspar, calcite, kaolinite, iron, magnetite, leucozone, and clinozoisite. It holds the combined power of these constituents. The stone links to the power of the megaforces that brought our multidimensional universe into being, and which still drive cosmic evolution. Like a battery, Que Sera activates your own power. With this stone, you truly create your own reality. Llanite Rhyolite (Llanoite Granite) from Texas is energetically similar, although at an earthier vibration, with the same blue and pink inclusions. (See Aswan Granite, page 96.)


A powerful carrier of Qi, Que Sera recharges and balances the meridians and organs of the subtle and physical bodies. Place it wherever dis-ease or depletion exists. The stone activates neurotransmitters to optimize the energetic circuit—you feel as though your body has been plugged into an electric power source. Que Sera helps a healer see into the recipient’s energy matrix, highlighting areas of dis-ease. Place the stone over a site for a few moments to dissolve dis-ease and restore the body’s cellular and energetic structure. It can also serve as a dowsing rod—it twitches as it moves over places that need healing. Grid this stone to shield against electromagnetic smog, including Wi-Fi emanations that can create dis-ease in sensitive people.


Que Sera lets you stand in your own power. It releases you from self-imposed obligations, especially those you unconsciously assumed so the world would perceive you as “a good person.” The stone teaches that service given in this way is actually selfish and selfserving, and does not enhance the greater good. If you take the burdens of the world on your shoulders and find it impossible to say no when asked to do even more, keep Que Sera in your pocket. The transformation will free you to be of real service to those around you. If you dwell on problems, this crystal helps you find constructive solutions.

Que Sera means “what will be,” but with this stone the future definitely is yours to cocreate. It attunes you to the Akashic Record of your soul’s purpose and shows all possible pathways. Pointing out the long way and the direct route, it encourages you to take the one most appropriate for your evolution. With Que Sera, there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. How fast you learn is up to you—it can be instantaneous.

Que Sera (Llanite/Llanoite)


Place Que Sera at the higher sacral chakra within the dantien and breathe deeply to turn on a truly awesome personal powerhouse.