The Power of the Compassionate Heart: Rhodochrosite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of the Compassionate Heart: Rhodochrosite

Chakra correspondences: Heart, higher heart (thymus), heart seed, soma; clears solar plexus and base chakras

Physiological correspondences: Eyes; kidneys; lungs; thyroid gland; circulatory, metabolic, and urogenital systems

Vibration: Earthy to high, depending on whether it is opaque or gem


The stone of the compassionate heart, Rhodochrosite symbolizes selfless love. It lets you recognize the divine within yourself. It was created when white manganese dissolved with carbonate dripped into cavities, giving the stone its swirls of pink, red, and white. Rhodochrosite was sacred to the Incas, who called it Inca Rose and believed it was the solidified blood of their ancestral kings and queens. In a cave deep under the Andes, the heart of Mother Earth beats once every two hundred years. It is a Rhodochrosite heart-shaped boulder that has been sacred to the local people for millennia.

The Alfonso lapidary describes an astringent stone with cleansing and drying properties called Almartac, believed to be Rhodochrosite. It calmed itching and, mixed with wax, healed ulcers, cleared away putrid flesh, and reduced pain. We are given a tantalizing hint that it was used in alchemy, but the secret is not included in that book.

The Sweet Home mine in Alma, Colorado, produces rare and exceedingly beautiful red Rhodochrosite, found nowhere else on Earth.


Rhodochrosite contains manganese, an important physiological constituent of the body with a powerful antioxidant and metabolic function. Required for correct bone development, manganese is also necessary for repairing tissue and assimilation of minerals. However, manganese can be toxic in large quantities. This may be why Rhodochrosite has such profound healing properties, as it is impossible to give too strong an energetic dose when using the crystal as it brings about balance.

Traditionally, Rhodochrosite assists the heart and circulatory systems, and removes irritants from the lungs. Placed at the base of the skull, it may dilate blood vessels, relieve tension migraines, and stabilize blood pressure. Gem Rhodochrosite has been used to heal psychosomatic causes of cancers and other dis-eases, and to reprogram the etheric blueprint to a healthier pattern.


Rhodochrosite opens the compassionate heart and fills it with unconditional love. Gem Rhodochrosite has a higher vibration, opening the heart seed chakra for an infusion of divine love. This crystal is excellent for past-life healing and, placed over the heart, for gently disentangling the ties of outgrown relationships. On the soma chakra, it facilitates reading the Akashic Record to ascertain the purpose of your present incarnation.



Program Rhodochrosite to attract a twin flame, someone with whom you can share unconditional love and mutual support.