The Power of Angelic Presence: Amphibole Quartz

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Angelic Presence: Amphibole Quartz

Chakra correspondences: Stellar gateway, soul star, third eye, crown, soma, higher heart (thymus)

Physiological correspondences: Immune system; this crystal functions at the subtle and spiritual levels rather than the physical

Vibration: Exceptionally high


Modern crystal lore credits Amphibole Quartz with having an angelic presence. Synonymous with Archangel Gabriel, Amphibole can be used to call in guardian angels and higher beings. Angels are vast energetic force fields with rapidly oscillating frequencies that enable them to traverse multiple dimensions, rather than the anthropomorphic beings usually pictured. They can, however, appear in any guise when interacting with humans.

The Jewish Old Testament, Apocrypha, Christian New Testament, Koran, and many older writings, such as the Mesopotamia creation myths, chronicle encounters with angels. Throughout these and other cultures, angels and winged beings have intervened in human affairs, offering guidance, protection, and healing. Amphibole Quartz lets you perceive the presence of angels and attune yourself to divine emanations. It stimulates the mental body and raises the frequency of the brain’s central cortex to prepare it for an influx of universal consciousness.


Amphibole Quartz functions at a high vibratory level to bring the subtle bodies into harmony and activate intuitive rebalancing of the soul body. Holding the crystal acts as a first aid measure when you feel out of sorts or display symptoms of dis-ease, as it quickly restores well-being. The stone’s vibrations energetically heal space, infusing it with peace and love, harmonizing it to the highest possible vibration to ensure cooperation within that space. It is the perfect carrier for etheric-cleansing essences as it holds a vibration and radiates it out for several days.


Hold Amphibole Quartz to fill your body with profound joy. It contains Hematite, which grounds and stabilizes higher forces; Limonite, which guards against psychic attack and undue mental influences; and Kaolinite, which opens the inner ear so you hear the voice of your intuition. Amphibole Quartz helps break up old patterns and reconnects you to the wisdom of your soul. A perfect crystal for spiritual journeying and exploring higher dimensions, Amphibole Quartz takes you into the heart of universal love. Tuck one into your pocket to ensure that you always walk in the presence of angels. If you are an angel who has assumed physical form to assist humanity’s spiritual evolution, this crystal’s power helps you recognize the totality of your angelic being.

Amphibole Quartz


To call in your guardian angel or to petition angelic guidance, sleep with Amphibole under your pillow.