The Power to Relieve Grief: Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite)

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power to Relieve Grief: Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite)

Chakra correspondences: Base, sacral, heart, crown

Physiological correspondences: Testicles, ovaries, heart, circulatory system, pancreas, lungs, sleeping disorders, stress, acidification balance

Vibration: Earthy and high


Combination stones interweave the vibrations of both, and Ruby in Zoisite exemplifies crystal cooperation. Ruby symbolizes all things hot, active, and passionate—vigor, lust, libido, aggression, assertion, machismo—but Zoisite is a temperate, selfless stone.

Our ancestors carried Ruby amulets to ward off war, danger, and aggression. Greek legend tells us a woman who treated a lame stork kindly was rewarded with a Ruby that lit up her room at night. Astarte, the Mesopotamian goddess of fertility, motherhood, and war, owned a Ruby that illuminated her temple with supernatural light. Astarte watched over the souls of the dead, visible as stars in the heavens. So, Ruby has long been associated with kindness and nurturing, death, and bringing light into dark places.

Put these qualities into a matrix of Zoisite, and you have a combination for profound emotional and spiritual transformation. Ruby in Zoisite transmutes grief, giving comfort to the bereaved. Zoisite also helps you speak your truth, blocking the influence of others; Ruby contributes courage to speak out against injustice.


Chinese medicine sees grief as affecting the lungs. Ruby in Zoisite is useful when stress or grief creates dis-ease or congestion. It encourages you to talk about emotions and losses underlying depression and lethargy. The ancients used Ruby to treat fever, inflammation, and hemorrhage because both crystal and patient were hot and red. In 1584, Ivan the Terrible stated that Ruby improved memory and “clarified congealed blood, corrupt blood.” Crystal workers use Ruby to detoxify blood and blood-rich organs, and to invigorate the excretory organs, heart, and circulatory system. Ruby in Zoisite’s powerful amplification effect on the energetic body strengthens the aura, bringing about multidimensional cellular healing. It also promotes the will to recover.


Ruby symbolizes the fires that temper the soul’s resilience. A catalyst for core soul healing, Ruby in Zoisite activates soul memories and brings emotional blockages to the surface for transmutation. Turning self-destructive emotions, such as anger or rage, into an assertive will advances your life with compassion and care for others. Ruby in Zoisite helps you see the purpose behind losses you experience in your life. It opens your compassion for others undergoing similar pain. The stone helps you think positively and live with passion. When holding Ruby in Zoisite, you experience interconnectedness with All That Is while appreciating your own individuality. (See Tanzanite/Lavender-Blue Zoisite, page 202).

Ruby in Zoisite (Anyolite)


Wear Ruby in Zoisite over your heart if you are grieving. It brings spiritual comfort and release and attracts new passion into your life.