The Power of Purification: Rutilated Quartz

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Purification: Rutilated Quartz

Chakra correspondences: Harmonizes and aligns all chakras, including the soul star and stellar gateway, with the aura

Physiological correspondences: Thyroid and thymus glands, cellular structure, blood vessels, and urogenital and respiratory systems

Vibration: Earthy and high


Rutilated Quartz’s power comes from Rutile, the purifying and protective mineral included at its core, synergized with Quartz. This Quartz is often known as Angel’s Hair because of the fine strands of titanium dioxide (Rutile) that form within the crystal and amplify the basic Quartz energy. In crystal lore, this stone connects to the highest angelic frequencies. It is named after the Latin rutilus, which means “red,” but Rutile is also found in an ethereal golden form. Angel’s Hair could be likened to modern string theory, which describes the universe in terms of complex multidimensional strings, rather than the restricted, three-dimensional particle theory. Supersymmetrical strings create metaphysical links, such as portals, membranes, and higher-dimensional objects, with forces similar to electromagnetism. These refer directly to the properties of Rutilated Quartz, which has the perfect balance of cosmic light and creative power.


Rutilated Quartz draws off negative energy during a chakra sweep and provides a firm foundation for new energetic patterns to be imprinted into the cells. In past-life healing, it promotes insight into the core issue. It also reveals if a particular dis-ease has been taken on deliberately as a soul-learning experience and provides support to continue with it.

Crystal workers use Rutilated Quartz to energetically re-balance the thyroid, heal the lungs, and stimulate cellular growth. Placed on the jaw, muscles, or abdomen it energetically absorbs toxicity from mercury-amalgam fillings. At an emotional level, Rutilated Quartz heals the past and dissolves the deeper causes of depression and psychiatric disorders, such as phobias or anxiety. An efficient Earth healer for geopathic stress, it soaks up electromagnetic smog.


Rutilated Quartz purifies toxic thoughts and constrictive emotions, releasing the past so barriers to spiritual evolution are dissolved and soul purpose comes into play. Placed over the third eye, it opens your metaphysical sight and enhances your intuition. Using Rutilated Quartz on the chakras connects “power rods” that coexist between subtle chakra points and the lightbody; this activation vastly accelerates spiritual growth. Placed on the third eye, Rutilated Quartz amplifies the power of thought so your thoughts are projected out into the world in tangible, solidified form—it can bring you all you desire. Use this crystal with care and consideration for others, for if the power is misused selfishly or abusively, it will backfire.

Rutilated Quartz


Place energetically vibrant Rutilated Quartz on your solar plexus or over the thymus to heighten the life force and heal chronic dis-eases and sexual dysfunction.