The Power of Pure Spirit: Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Pure Spirit: Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz

Chakra correspondences: Crown, soul star, stellar gateway, and beyond; cleanses and reattunes the aura

Physiological correspondences: These Quartzes work beyond the physical body; they amplify the vibrations of other healing stones

Vibration: Exceptionally high


Buddhists say Quartz is one of the seven precious substances, and Satyaloka Quartz’s vibration has been raised by people from the Satyaloka Monastery in South India (now closed). It is said that the greatest number of enlightened souls on the planet live nearby, specifically to assist in world consciousness-raising and to bring enlightenment to those ready to receive it. Spiritual light is infused into the basic Quartz before it is sent out into the world. Satyamani has been similarly attuned. These spiritual power-houses create profound union with the divine and open the highest levels of mystical consciousness. We can gain an idea of how this transformation of the crystal is achieved from a passage in the Kalpa Sutra, an ancient sacred book of the Jains:

Then he [the god] transformed himself through his magical power of transformation, and stretched himself out for numerous Yoganas like a staff, during which he seized jewels. Of this precious material he rejected the gross particles and retained the subtle particles . . . he [then] passed with that excellent, hasty, trembling, active, impetuous, victorious, exalted and quick divine motion of the gods right through numberless continents and oceans.

For hundreds of years, people living around Satyaloka have reported intense spiritual and mystical experiences, out-of-body journeying, and heightened psychic sensitivity. This metaphysical energy has been infused into the stones. Satyaloka means “the abode of truth” or “the descent of light to Earth.” Satyaloka is now categorized as Azeztulite (see page 46).


These Quartzes work beyond the physical body to raise the frequencies of the subtle bodies and effect multidimensional, holistic soul healing. Satyaloka and Satyamani infuse light when placed on either side of the head, level with the past life chakras with Nirvana Quartz (page 136) on the soul star chakra a foot above the head. A Smoky Elestial or other grounding stone at the feet anchors the new vibrations into the physical plane.

In a planetary healing grid, these stones—especially in combination with other high-vibration stones such as Ajoite, Azeztulite, and Trigonic—open the Earth’s higher crown chakras and infuse divine light into the Earth’s matrix.


Satyamani and Satyaloka Quartz effect enlightenment—quite literally. They bring light into the physical plane and open the illumined mind to an influx of pure spirit. These holy stones create an interface between the soul and the physical body, ensuring that you never walk your spiritual path alone.

Satyaloka and Satyamani Quartz


Placed on either side of your head, these Quartzes create an inner temple of light and facilitate direct communication with the divine.