The Power of Speech: Septarian

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Speech: Septarian

Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base; synthesizes third eye, throat, and heart chakras

Physiological correspondences: Metabolism, skin, heart, intestines, kidneys, blood, cellular memory, mineral absorption

Vibration: Earthy


Seventy million years ago, volcanic activity under the sea killed marine life. As it fell to the seabed and decayed, mud balls formed filled with concretions of Calcite (the yellow portion of Septarian), Aragonite (the brown lines), and Limestone (the gray coating). The balls cracked in a distinctive formation of seven fissures radiating out from the center. The resulting stones look rather like turtle shells. The nodules were called Septarian after septum, the Latin for seven or saeptum, a wall or enclosure. The combination is extremely powerful. Aragonite’s (page 38) devic energy is an excellent Earth healer, and nurturing Calcite supports personal and planetary growth. Septarian encourages caring for the environment and everything on our planet.

If you speak in public, use Septarian to capture the audience’s attention and let each person feel addressed individually. The process becomes effortless communication at the profoundest level. Septarian also makes you aware of the power of speech and its effect, not only on the listener but also within your own body. What the psyche perceives, the body conceives. Changing how you speak, the language with which you put your ideas across, can dramatically change your world. This grounding stone helps you speak only in the positive, present tense as it takes your attention away from negativities in the past. Septarian is also beneficial in sound healing.


Meditating with Septarian can illuminate the underlying causes of dis-ease. The crystal focuses the body’s self-healing ability, detecting and dissolving energy blockages. It energetically rebalances the metabolism and reprograms cellular memory. Highly effective against seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it may reduce swelling and support structures and organs within the body. It also energetically assists drug users during detox and maintains strength of purpose thereafter.

Grid Septarian around a child’s bed to prevent nightmares or to ameliorate night twitches in adults. Septarian stimulates physical growth in children; in adults it keeps joints flexible. It also calms the intestines and nervous system.

Septarian supports NLP sessions and is useful for tapping points in EFT and other meridian-based techniques. It repatterns the new behavior and beliefs into neurotransmitters and cellular memory.


Septarian concretizes your ideas. The perfect stone for increasing creativity, it supports any endeavor and grounds your intention into everyday reality.



Keep a piece of Septarian with you when you speak in public—it helps you speak charismatically, with confidence and power.