Kundalini Power: Serpentine

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

Kundalini Power: Serpentine

Chakra correspondences: Base, crown; purifies and energizes all chakras

Physiological correspondences: Pancreas and insulin regulation, calcium and magnesium balance, detoxification and lymphatic processes, pain relief. Picrolite: adrenals, heart, endocrine system; Atlantisite: cellular memory, blood function

Vibration: Earthy to high, depending on type


With its distinctive likeness to snakeskin, Serpentine has a long tradition of protecting against snake and scorpion bites. Stones drew poison from wounds and the medieval Peterborough Lapidary comments on Serpentine’s sweet smell, saying, “it is gode for venym.” Used for medicine cups, it increased efficacy of a prescribed remedy. In ancient Egypt, Serpentine scarabs were interred with the dead to assist passage through the afterlife. Placed over the heart the inscription read: “I am reunited with the earth. I am not dead I am in Amenti. I am now a pure spirit for eternity.”

Serpents have long symbolized divine power and wisdom. Place Serpentine on the base of the spine to raise kundalini “serpent power.” Kundalini is a magical, tantric blending of masculine and feminine sexual currents, a subtle electromagnetic energy that potentizes chakras and ignites the flame of spiritual love, bringing about union with the divine. When awakened and passed upward through all the chakras, kundalini curls back to lie above the sacral chakra. In the dantien, it blends carnal desire, expanded consciousness, and a sense of personal power into a potent creative force.

Picrolite, dark green Serpentine, was used in prehistoric times as an Earth healer and protective amulet—it is still effective today, as is Atlantisite. This stone helps to access previous lives in Atlantis.


Serpentine was long prized for its healing virtue. Its reputed ability to control the flow of insulin in the body and to regulate the pancreas made it useful for healing diabetes, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia. It was also believed to eliminate parasites. Infinite Stone assists with between-lives karmic and soul healing, facilitating reintegration.


A powerful shamanic stone, Serpentine gives you a serpent’s cunning when traveling in the underworld for soul retrieval and stimulates the magical skin shedding that facilitates shapeshifting and regeneration. It lends verbal cunning when you need to be particularly persuasive. Serpentine helps you understand the effects of past lives on the present, transforming negative qualities into positive gifts and recognizing the soul’s hard-earned wisdom. Leopardskin Serpentine attunes you to the energy of Leopard and helps you reclaim lost power. If you misused your spiritual gifts in previous lives, Atlantisite re-empowers your soul. It assists in breaking patterns resulting from unwise choices or actions that lacked integrity.



Place Serpentine over the base chakra to stimulate kundalini power, causing it to rise through the central channel to the higher chakras.