The Power of Alchemical Marriage: Shiva Lingam

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The Power of Alchemical Marriage: Shiva Lingam

Chakra correspondences: Base and sacral; ignites all

Physiological correspondences: Reproductive and electrical systems

Vibration: Earthy and high


Natural Shiva Lingam comes from the Narmada River in the Maridhata Mountains, one of the seven sacred sites of India. Its phallic shape and Quartz and Agate particles carry a powerful energetic charge and symbolize the union of opposites, a nonduality that extends beyond the physical world. Artificial Lingams are shaped from sandstone because legend says the goddess Parvati fashioned the first Lingam from sand to worship Lord Shiva. Sand represents the primal element of Earth, the phallus the primeval power of the male god, the soft texture the wise feminine goddess energy. The stone embodies the wisdom of the deities brought to Earth.

A Lingam also symbolizes the cosmic egg from which creation arose. According to another Indian legend, Shiva battled a fellow god over who had the greatest power. When Shiva won, a Lingam appeared in the sky. Therefore, Lingam symbolizes ultimate power. Both destroyer and renewer, Shiva represents the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. A Lingam teaches “this too will pass,” and aids you in moving on. Additionally, Shiva is the god of mercy and compassion. Add a Lingam to a household altar for protection and to attract love into your home.

Sometimes Shiva is portrayed as “the Lord who is half woman,” indicating that the power of the universe has masculine and feminine energy in equal measure. The bicolored Lingam represents male and female union and the alchemical marriage that merges inner masculine and feminine energies into androgynous power. This balance brings the body to a refined level of physical functioning, greater energetic resonance creating a stronger flow of Qi. A Lingam facilitates the kundalini rise that brings body and soul into unified enlightenment.

Use a Lingam to cut subtle ties with former partners, especially links through the chakras. It removes energetic hooks from the vagina. Because it enhances trust, it facilitates deeper union with your present partner through tantric magic, and can draw a relationship that brings sexual healing.


Lingam’s healing power works with the reproductive organs to energetically stimulate potency and fertility. The stone overcomes memories of abuse and the underlying psychosomatic causes of inorgasmia. Placed over the uterus, it may relieve menstrual cramps.


Shiva Lingam releases you from the past and psychological patterns you have outgrown, particularly around sexual matters. It opens your creativity at every level.

Shiva Lingam


Place a Shiva Lingam over the base and sacral chakras to stimulate the integration of masculine and feminine energy currents and awaken creative kundalini power.